Episode #294 - A Hole Lotta Trouble

Our heroes have arrived at Granite Cave. Ash is looking forward to meeting Steven Stone because he heard he was a good trainer. As they go into the cave, May worries that there might be creepy-crawlies inside. Team Rocket is already in the cave, digging pitfall traps.

When the kids come to a split in the tunnel, Brock puts a mark there so they know which way they've been. They head down the left fork, but down the right fork is a young white-haired man (Steven) working with his Pokemon, an Aron. He is frustrated that he can't find the stones that he's looking for.

The gang falls into a trap hole as Team Rocket gloats. However, the area around the hole collapses. Everyone falls down into the tunnels below and they are separated into three groups. Meanwhile Steven hears the cave-in and runs to investigate.

Max, Pikachu, and Meowth argue for a bit, then agree to try to find the others before settling the score. Pikachu smells fresh air and leads the other two down the tunnel.

May and Jessie dig themselves out of a pile of dirt. May accuses Jessie for getting them into this, but Jessie bad-mouths her teammates and attempts to climb back out the hole they fell through.

Ash and James argue, and James says he always wanted to be fair when Jessie was the one who came up with the evil schemes. Ash suggests a fair Pokemon battle but Brock says they need to get out of here first. They call out for the others as James rambles on about standing up for himself. Their voices attract a herd of wild Aron who stampede toward them!

Steven finds the pit that the kids fell into and jumps down it. Max, Meowth, and Pikachu find an underground pool and waterfall. There are roots growing up the side of the falls, which might lead to a way out. As they climb the roots, Max asks Meowth how he can talk, and Meowth tells his story.

Jessie gets stuck in the hole she tried to climb through, and then is knocked back down to where she started by a rampaging Pokemon. The hole has been made bigger by her struggles, so now they can get out.

Steven finds the empty Aron lair and realises someone has disturbed them. He needs to find the people and get them to higher ground. Brock, Ash, and James escape the herd of Aron and come across the mark that Brock left earlier. Unfortunately the weakened floor gives way and they fall back down to the level below. Moments later, Steven arrives and notices that the hole is bigger than it was before.

May and Jessie run toward a light up ahead, and they too fall down the original hole, right on top of Brock, Ash, and James, who are being chased by the Aron herd again.

Max, Pikachu, and Meowth finally meet up with Steven. They can see the rest of the group below through a gap in the floor. Steven gives them directions to a place where they can all meet.

Everyone is reunited at the underground pool, but the wild Aron are hot on their heels. Steven tells his Aron to subdue the wild ones with a Roar attack, and they obey his command to return to their chamber. Ash and Brock are impressed that he can control the wild Pokemon.

Team Rocket is happy to be back together, and prepares to fight. Brock tells Steven that they were responsible for the holes. Steven releases his Aggron, the final form of Aron, and sends Team Rocket blasting off. Then his Aron digs up a Fire Stone, which is what they had been looking for.

Later, Steven gives the kids a ride on his boat to an inlet nearby where Ash can do some training. Then he leaves to continue his search for other rare stones.

By: Audrey