Episode #295 - Gone Corphishin'

Team Rocket is on the shore of Dewford Island. James and Meowth are eager to catch Pikachu but Jessie tells them to relax. As they argue, something approaches from the water and sends them blasting off before burrowing into the beach.

Our heroes are all doing morning camp chores except for Ash who is sitting on the beach with his Pokemon. Brock assures May that this is a form of training. Ash needs to teach himself that patience is sometimes better than power.

Ash and his Pokemon practise dodging the incoming waves but keep getting wet. May tells him practise makes perfect, and he responds that she ought to be practising for Pokemon contests. May says she has been, and tries to show off her Pokemon but the others aren't impressed. Just then, something demolishes their tent and continues to burrow through the sand. Wurmple attaches a String Shot to it and they all try to pull it out of the ground, but it drags them into the water and escapes. The tent is ruined, and Brock is uncomfortable with staying here until they know what they're dealing with. Ash is determined to find out and catch it.

Team Rocket sits on top of a cliff, wondering what hit them. They spot the burrower down below and Jessie chases it, but accidentally steps on a sleeping Loudred! It wakes up and blows them all away.

Later that night, the kids are watching a plate of Pokemon food from a hiding place. Hopefully this will lure the creature out. Ash says even waiting can be training for the concentration. The burrower finally appears, tunnelling under them and sending them flying. It eats the food and vanishes before they can do anything.

In the morning, they're all exhausted, but (except for May) they want to catch that creature more than ever. Ash is certain it'll come back and makes a plan to trap it: Brock's Forretress will dig holes all over the beach, and when the burrower comes it might fall in.

That night, they watch as something covered in seaweed emerges from the water and heads for the Pokemon food. However when it falls in a hole, it turns out to be Team Rocket. The burrower arrives and sends Team Rocket blasting off a second time, then goes for a plate of food. Pikachu attacks to draw it out, and the mysterious creature is revealed to be a Corphish, like the one they caught the other day! According to the Pokedex they are very aggressive and powerful.

Ash battles it, but it resists all of Pikachu's attacks and defeats him. Then Ash changes his strategy and brings out Treecko. He lets the Corphish attack first, then has Treecko turn its moves against it. Eventually the Corphish gets worn out and Ash makes the capture! As the sun rises, Ash releases his new Pokemon and welcomes it to his team.

By: Audrey