Episode #297 - A Mudkip Mission!

Our heroes are following a fast-flowing river across Dewford Island in search of a new training spot. When they reach a waterfall, Brock tosses a rope into a tree at the top of the cliff so they can climb up. May gets to the top ahead of them thanks to her Silcoon.

They cross a muddy area and find a pool with many baby Mudkip. As they watch, one falls into the river and is swept away by the current! Brock attempts to help it with Lotad, and a large Mudkip aids Lotad in getting the baby back to shore. Brock talks to it but it runs away when the others arrive.

An old gentleman appears, accusing the kids of trying to steal the Mudkip. Ash explains what happened and the man introduces himself as Mr. Swampy. He invites them to his cabin where he shows them some Mudkip eggs, and says he raises Mudkip for beginning trainers.

When Brock mentions that he wants to be a breeder, Swampy allows them to see a Mudkip hatching. Then Brock tells him about the rescue earlier, and Swampy says he knows about the large Mudkip. He's worried that no trainer will pick it because of its size.

Team Rocket is nearby, and they find a fence. Thinking that the fence might be protecting something valuable, they use their Pokemon to break it down.

An alarm is triggered and Swampy runs to investigate. The kids follow him, except for Brock who sees the large Mudkip and tries to make friends with it. They find the broken fence, and Team Rocket shows themselves. Unfortunately Swampy's habit of talking too much gives Team Rocket the information they need to catch the baby Mudkip. James releases Cacnea, which is so happy to see him that it whacks him into a wooden dam. It breaks and water begins to flood the area.

Brock sees the wall of water and has Forretress hold it back while he and Lotad get the baby Mudkip to higher ground. Looking back, he realizes he missed one! The large Mudkip dives into the river and tries to save it, but both get swept over the waterfall. Although they grab onto a rock halfway down, the water threatens to sweep them away.

With no time to lose, Brock ties the rope around him waist and lowers himself down the cliff. He persuades the Mudkip to trust him, and is able to pick them up. The others pull them all back to the top of the cliff.

The ordeal isn't over yet, as Team Rocket now prances around in a large robot, tearing up trees and capturing the baby Mudkip! Brock notices the soft ground and has Lotad and the large Mudkip use their Water Guns to make the ground muddier. The heavy robot loses its balance and begins to sink into the mud. The Mudkip rescues the babies and Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Brock thanks the Mudkip for all its efforts, and Swampy asks him if he'll take the Mudkip with him. Brock is happy, and the Mudkip agrees to join the team.

By: Audrey