Episode #298 - Turning Over a Nuzleaf!

Ash and friends are walking through a cave after an early-morning workout. Ash's Corphish wanders down a side tunnel and discovers a sleeping Loudred, which wakes up and chases them! Brock has his Forretress make a way out, but in the dust and confusion May drops her Silcoon and the other Pokemon run after it. When the dust clears, the kids all realise that the Pokemon are missing.

The Silcoon rolls onto a ledge and Corphish tries to grab it, but misses and Silcoon falls into a stream. The other Pokemon follow: Pikachu, Corphish, Treecko, Lotad, Mudkip, and Torchic. The stream carries them out of the cave and into the forest, where Corphish gets stuck in some soft ground. Treecko whacks it with its tail and Corphish gets angry. Pikachu and Mudkip stop them from fighting and they all set off to find their trainers.

The kids have searched the cave with no luck, so they'll try looking outside. Team Rocket is also lost in the cave. Wobbuffet comes out of its PokeBall and lands on top of the Loudred which gets angry and sends them blasting off.

As the Pokemon march through the forest, Corphish spots some mushrooms but Pikachu stops it from eating them, because these mushrooms are poisonous. Mudkip points out some berries, but Corphish eats them so quickly it chokes and has to be smacked by Treecko. Later, a wild Pokemon called Nuzleaf plays a whistle that confuses them all. Treecko soon realises what's happening, and Corphish challenges the Nuzleaf. However the Nuzleaf calls for backup and retreats into the trees.

The group continues on their way, but one by one they are lured into a variety of traps. Pikachu and Mudkip are left carrying Silcoon, but when Silcoon is snatched, they chase the perpetrator until they end up facing a colony of Nuzleaf. Taillow sees them from the air and races to catch up with Ash.

The Nuzleaf have the lost Pokemon in a cage that's strong enough to withstand their attacks. Team Rocket watches the proceedings and Meowth translates that the Nuzleaf leader is angry that Corphish damaged the sensitive leaf on its head earlier, so now it plans to charbroil them.

Pikachu is ready to fight but Mudkip tries to negotiate with the Nuzleaf. It seems to be getting somewhere when all the Nuzleaf and Pikachu are caught by Team Rocket in their balloon! Unfortunately, the net is electric-proof.

The gang finally arrives, and a combined attack by Taillow and Forretress breaks the cage. Team Rocket has a head start, but Ash has Corphish boost him high enough so he can grab on to the net! After much effort he undoes the net and frees the Nuzleaf. By now he and Pikachu are up too high to get down safely, but Brock and May ask the Nuzleaf to help hold the net so they can jump into it. Once Ash is safe on the ground, Treecko and Corphish team up to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Corphish and Treecko are now friends with one another, and Ash thanks the Nuzleaf for their help.

By: Audrey