Episode #300 - Seeing is Believing

Our heroes meet Professor Birch while on Dewford Island, and they show him their Pokemon. Nearby, Team Rocket is resting, and Jessie is bathing her "Silcoon". James and Meowth try to tell her that it's a Cascoon but she won't listen.

Ash and friends look for a new training spot and find three unhappy Seedot. They usually get the moisture they need from trees, but the trees in this area seem to be dry. Prof. Birch suggests that Max can cheer them up by polishing them with leaves. Brock notes that Prof. Birch is good at communicating with Pokemon at their own level. Team Rocket watches and decides to steal the Seedot for the Boss. Seviper attacks but Ash's Corphish holds it off. Then Jessie brings out her "Silcoon" and May challenges her with her real Silcoon. Even though Prof. Birch himself tells Jessie that her Pokemon is a Cascoon, she refuses to believe it. The two girls battle, and May's Silcoon evolves into a Beautifly! Furious, Jessie tries a sneak attack but Ash's Corphish sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Brock gives May some special jelly for her Beautifly to eat, and Prof. Birch gives her a frisbee so she can refine Beautifly's attacks. Despite the happy moment, they still need to find a home for the three Seedot.

The Rockets are stuck on a tree branch, and Jessie is still upset that May's Silcoon evolved first. She insists that the others help her "Silcoon" evolve by battling with it. First Meowth, then Cacnea are beaten, but Jessie isn't satisfied and decides to challenge May.

The kids and Prof. Birch hike to another part of the forest and find a tree that the Seedot like. Team Rocket shows up and Jessie challenges May. However May's Beautifly is stronger than Cascoon, so James sends his Cacnea to help (after being painfully hugged by it). Ash releases Treecko to balance the field. In the meantime, Meowth tries to grab the Seedot but Brock's Mudkip stops him.

Suddenly, Jessie's Pokemon evolves! James tries to hide it under a blanket but Jessie uncovers it and finds a Dustox. Meowth and James wait for the explosion, but Jessie does an about-face in attitude and begins to fawn over her new Pokemon, saying it'll defeat Beautifly now.

The battle continues, but when Team Rocket gangs up on Beautifly, Treecko throws itself in their way and gets badly hurt. Angry, Ash sends out Corphish, and Team Rocket is quickly defeated and sent blasting off again.

Now the Seedot are happy and May is too. Prof. Birch heads back to Little Root Town and leaves the gang to find a place to train.

By: Audrey