Episode #301 - Ready, Willing and Sableye

Brock is preparing lunch and asks Ash's Corphish to help chop the vegetables. Corphish does eagerly, but it also slices the sandwiches to pieces which forces them all to eat them with spoons. Ash thinks he needs to fix his Pokemon's attitude.

Team Rocket comes across an abandoned gold mine. Jessie believes there might still be treasure inside, and persuades the others to follow her. They ride a trolley deep into the mine, and are startled by a pair of eyes. Jessie and James retreat, leaving Meowth behind, who gets scared and faints. Back above ground, Jessie and James realize Meowth is missing and decide to find him.

The kids arrive at the mine, and Ash says it's the perfect place to train and get Corphish to settle down. They all start planning.

Meanwhile, Meowth recovers to find himself in a room with a Pokemon called Sableye. It has lived in the control room of the mine for a long time and likes to scare people. A screen shows May and Max entering the mine, so Meowth decides to help Sableye for the moment and look for treasure later.

Now Ash comes into the mine and releases Corphish, telling it he's going to test its courage. Max and May put on sheets and pretend that they're ghosts, but Corphish realizes it's them and angrily knocks them into a cart which rolls away. Then Corphish runs off, forcing Ash to chase it. Max and May are startled by Sableye, and then Meowth traps them in a net.

By the time Ash finds Corphish and gets outside, Max and May are nowhere to be seen, so he and Brock go back in to look for them.

In the control room, Max and May are tied up while Meowth and Sableye go off to scare Ash and Brock. Max notices that Meowth is tricking Sableye and wants to set things straight. May's Torchic burns the net and they escape.

In the tunnel Sableye and Meowth tease Ash, Brock and Corphish until Corphish gets angry again and attacks Ash. Pikachu leaps to Ash's defense and they fight. Ash tries to stop both of them when they are caught in a net! Meowth and Sableye celebrate, but Max and May arrive and convince the Sableye that Meowth has been lying to it.

Jessie and James appear and grab the captive Pokemon. Ash sends Taillow after them, but Jessie throws a bomb that damages the ceiling and starts a cave-in! Team Rocket runs one way, and Sableye guides the kids to safety another way.

Safe outside, James is upset about the near-disaster while Meowth is sad about tricking the Sableye. The kids come out from a ledge up above, and Meowth translates that the Sableye is angry that its favourite playground has been destroyed. With the help of Corphish and Pikachu, Sableye sends Team Rocket blasting off.

With everyone safe, Sableye bids the gang farewell and Ash hopes that this experience has helped Corphish calm down a bit.

By: Audrey