Episode #303 - Just One of the Geysers

Brawly leads Ash and company to his secret island training ground and Ash is ready for his rematch.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has discovered a cave equipped with freezers full of food. They claim it as their secret base, but are surprised when the kids arrive. Brawly says the food is his, but Team Rocket won't back down and they send their Pokemon to attack. Ash prepares to fight, but Brawly tells him to wait. He explains that the shape of the island causes the water to flood through the tunnels like a guyser. As if on cue, a guyser erupts under where Team Rocket is standing and they blast off.

Our heroes are shown an impressive training area, then they come to the battlefield, which is stone with a water moat around it. Trainers have to take advantage of both environments while avoiding the guysers at the same time. Ash asks Pikachu to sit this match out.

The battle will be two-on-two with Ash being allowed to substitute his Pokemon. First match is Machop vs. Treecko. At first all seems well as Treecko avoids Machop's attacks, but when Ash goes on the offensive, Machop absorbs the blows as it did the previous time they battled. Suddenly Machop uses a guyser eruption to launch itself into the air, and Ash is forced to return Treecko to avoid it getting seriously hurt. He brings out Corphish which knocks out Machop easily.

As expected, Brawly's next Pokemon is Hariyama. Corphish withstands Hariyama's pounding until Ash tells it to go into the water where Haryama can't follow. However Hariyama uses an attack to push the water aside and reveal where Corphish is hiding. Corphish is taken down, so Ash brings back Treecko.

Treecko dodges all attacks and hits Hariyama's legs to weaken them until eventually Hariyama can barely stand. Water builds underneath the field and the opponents wait for the eruption. The Pokemon are both catapulted into the air, and they both hit hard. Hariyama falls first, giving Ash the victory!

Brawly presents Ash with a Knuckle Badge, and congratulates him on his strategy.

By: Audrey