Episode #304 - Abandon Ship!

Our heroes are on a cruiser en route back to the mainland. Ash is eager to get to the next Gym, but May reminds him that she wants to enter her Beautifly into a Pokemon Contest first.

The ferry operators are Team Rocket in disguise. They offer some snacks, then catch Pikachu in a bag! Meowth brings the Magikarp sub alongside for a getaway, but Ash uses Corphish to free Pikachu. May's Beautifly gives Pikachu an assist in sending Team Rocket blasting off.

Unfortunately, the kids are now stuck on the boat with no gas, no radio, and a fog brews up. They drift for a while until they come across a large ship stuck in a sandbar. Tying their boat alongside, they climb aboard the ship to investigate. They're not the only ones here, since there's a motorboat tied up here too.

A young man comes on deck and introduces himself as Tommy. He was a passenger on this ship when it crashed, and he got away safely but left behind his Marshtomp by accident. Now he's back to look for it. He offers the kids a ride to port later on his boat.

As everyone searches, May's Torchic spots something in the shadows. By the time the kids arrive, Torchic has vanished.

Team Rocket has crash-landed on the ship, and they look for a way out. Meowth checks out a room and is pulled out of sight. Now the gang's search is for Torchic, but Max disappears. He finds himself tied up in a room with Torchic and Meowth. Max makes a deal with Meowth to get loose, but no sooner does Meowth cut him loose with his hind claws, a Spinarak shows up and ties him up again. The next one to be grabbed is James, and they all argue over who gets to be cut loose first.

Ash and friends pass by a water-filled area when May is yanked into the water. Brocks sends his Mudkip in but May is nowhere to be found. Tommy realizes that something doesn't want them around.

Below decks, Max and May hope the others will find them, but James and Meowth are confident that Jessie will set them free. However Jessie becomes the next victim.

The remaining group continues on, but Pikachu notices something and zaps it. It's a Swampert, the evolved form of Marshtomp. This is what has been catching everyone! Tommy thinks this might be his lost Pokemon. They chase the Swampert to the room where everyone else is being held, and Ash attempts to battle it with Corphish but it's too strong.

Tommy talks to Swampert, and apologizes for getting separated from it. The Pokemon and trainer reconcile, and the captives are released. True to form, Team Rocket attacks and tries to catch Swampert, but Swampert sends them blasting off again.

The gang is given a ride to shore, and Tommy says he plans to help fix up the shipwreck because it has become a home to many water Pokemon.

By: Audrey