Episode #305 - Now That's Flower Power

Ash and friends arrive in Slateport City. With two weeks remaining until the Pokemon Contest, May needs to practice some more. Brock fawns over all the pretty girls on the beach, and Max wants to swim, but they find a secluded cove for May to practice with her Beautifly. She begins well but her Beautifly hasn't perfected its Silver Wind move yet. A green-haired boy appears and teases May, saying that she has no style, and she gets angry. The boy is Drew, he's going to participate in the contest too.

Team Rocket watches from the bushes, and Jessie is practicing some moves with her Dustox, because she wants to enter the contest. May and Ash have a mock battle with Beautifly versus Taillow. May gets an early advantage, but Taillow comes back to win. A man comes up and congratulates Ash, saying he should be in the contest. The man introduces himself as Mr. Big, he has a lot of experience with contests and gives May some advice. A Pokemon Coordinator has to be calm at all times and the Pokemon need to be fed the right foods. He offers to show them his shop and they all head off. Jessie wonders what could be so great about him, and Team Rocket follows the group to town.

It turns out that Mr. Big makes fireworks but lately he has been having trouble finding the right colours. As they reach the shop, they discover May's Torchic has been into something that has turned it half-black. Apparently it ate some berries that stained its feathers. Unfortunately Mr. Big had planned to use those berries to colour his fireworks for a presentation tonight. May is sorry and says she'll find some more berries for him.

Team Rocket listens at the door and plans to get some of these berries for the boss, as well as for Jessie's Dustox. The kids search the nearby fields for berries but find none. Torchic comes across some in a bush that's halfway up a cliff. After much effort it reaches the bush and grabs a branch, but the branch breaks and both Torchic and the berries fall. Beautifly catches Torchic but Who should arrive but Drew who grabs the berries and won't give them back unless May battles him.

May's Beautifly is up against Drew's Roselia. Roselia is powerful and takes the lead but Max reminds May of Mr. Big's advice and she stays calm enough to make a comeback. Suddenly Team Rocket shows up and steals the berries, then makes a getaway in their balloon. Pikachu zaps the balloon but it doesn't work because the balloon has a device that absorbs electricity. However Drew tells his Roselia to destroy the device with Solar Beam, which enables Pikachu to send Team Rocket blasting off.

The berries are recovered and Drew leaves, saying he's looking forward to battling May for real in the contest. May has a new friend and rival. Later, everyone watches Mr. Big's impressive fireworks display.

By: Audrey