Episode #306 - Having a Wailord of a Time

It's almost time for the Pokemon Contest and May is psyched. She asks Brock to take care of Torchic and runs off to the beach to train more. Max thinks it's not fair for her to treat Torchic like that, but the others say she loves her Torchic. A trainer's first Pokemon is always special. Then Ash and Brock tell stories about their first Pokemon.

Nurse Joy comes by and Brock flirts with her. She compliments them on their well-trained Pokemon and they volunteer to help her take care of the Centre's three Pokemon before a new trainer comes to pick one.

Meanwhile, May is practicing with Beautifly when she notices a stranded Wailord on the beach. She calls the Pokemon Centre, and Nurse Joy leaves the three Pokemon in the care of Ash and Max while she and Brock go to help. Team Rocket is listening outside and they decide to catch the Wailord for the boss.

Inside the Centre, the young Torchic is determined to get outside and attacks any human or Pokemon that gets in its way. Ash's Corphish fails to stop it as well and it gets angry. The kids chase the rogue Torchic outside and Corphish attempts to battle it again but gets beaten. Ash is surprised that a little Torchic can be this strong.

Nurse Joy treats the stranded Wailord and says it'll be fine after a good rest.

Corphish is still trying to catch the Torchic but is beaten down. Suddenly, the Torchic evolves into Combusken! Ash says they're in trouble now, and Max has a crazy idea about switching May's Torchic with the Combusken so nobody will notice.

Later back at the Centre, the new trainer arrives and tries to decide which of the three Pokemon she wants. Max keeps May busy by serving her a snack and acting nice. The Combusken is locked in another room but manages to escape, forcing Ash and Max to admit to the deception.

A noise outside attracts everyone's attention: the Wailord is hanging from a sling underneath Team Rocket's balloon! They all run outside and Pikachu is ready to fight, but the Combusken beats them to the punch and frees Wailord before helping Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off.

The young trainer ends up choosing Mudkip, and surprisingly, her father wants to raise the Treecko himself. Nurse Joy is impressed with the Combusken and keeps it at the Centre as a guard Pokemon.

By: Audrey