Episode #308 - The Spheal of Approval

Ash, May, Brock and Max have planned a day in Slateport city after May’s pokémon contest debut the day before. Slateport is renowned for its shopping experience and for the museum which is located there. Brock decides he needs to stock up on goods while they are in Slateport, May hearing this decides to accompany him for the day.

However Ash and Max, decide they're not going to be spending their final day in Slateport shopping and feel particularly interested in visiting the 'Sea museum'. Both pairs agree to meet up towards the end of the day and then begin to head off in their desired direction. However, once Ash and Max reach the 'Sea museum' they discover it is not open. Ash checks the guide and reads that it is rostered to be open today. Max decides he really wants to see the museum and isn't leaving without even a slight glimpse. He walks to the side of the building and decides he is going to climb the wall. He attempts, but falls to the ground quickly.

While Max is on the ground, a stranger approaches him and asks him in an angered voice what max is doing. Max tells the stranger that he just wanted to catch a glimpse of inside the museum, seeing as he wanted to visit but won't get the oppurtunity now that it is closed and he heads for Mauville tomorrow. However the stranger remains angry.

The stranger introduces himself as Marius a protecter of the museum. And instantly brands Max a theif. At this moment Ash comes to find Max, Marius instantly calls him a tresspasser also. Ash is confused. Marius insists he will get rid of the 'theives' which confuses Ash and Max a little bit more as they try and tell him they were trying to visit the museum. At this moment Marius calls upon his Spheal and instructs it to attack, however it appears Marius hasn't really trained his pokémon to good. The Spheal completely ignores Marius and sits in the one spot clapping.

He instructs it to use water gun, but still no attempt. Marius becomes frustrated and persists on telling his pokémon to attack. In the end, Spheal turns to Marius and water guns him in the face. This of course frustrates the young inexperienced trainer even more. He angrily tells Spheal to use body slam against Ash and Max. This time Spheal turns to Ash and Max and leaps at them, they dodge Spheal successfully considering it is such a slow mover on land. Spheal bounces back towards Marius and knocks him over. Ash and Max laugh a little and suggest Marius could really use some battling pointers. Marius is highly embarrassed and instructs Spheal to use Powder snow, spheal does. However Pikachu attacks with thunderbolt. Of course it is a one hit knock out considering Spheals weakness to electricity. Marius can not understand why. Max explains it to him. At this point Marius realises Spheal needs to rest and recalls the pokémon.

A man then comes around to where they are. It is Capt. Stern. Marius tells the capt. that Ash and Max are theives, and again Max explains the situation. Captain Stern is suprised and Marius finally understands and refrains from hassling Max. Then Captain Stern explains why he closed his museum for the day. He says it is because he wanted the oppurtunity to fully analyse a rock he had aqcuired from the ocean floor. Ash notices this rock has what would seem to be an impossible feature. It appears it has been burnt. Ash and Max can't work out why or how this rock could have been burnt on the bottom of the ocean. Captain Stern says it's most likely because of a pokémon but he needs to research more before he is certain. He then decides to give Ash and Max a tour of the museum seeing as they'll miss out otherwise.

Team Rocket of course are close by. They're watching the crew from nearby with binoculars. James decides they need to concoct a plan to capture Pikachu. Jesse suggest's creating a stall to sell items which will work to cool people down. They decide on setting up a snow cone stall.

Inside the museum, Ash and Max admire models set up. A large Wailord model hangs from the ceiling, a submarine which is currently under construction is another model they take a liking to, Marius explains he wants to explore the depths of the ocean in this when it is built, just like the captain. Other aquatic models include Staryu and Golding. Marius exclaims Golding is his favourite, he is going to catch one and evolve it into a Gyarodos. Ash and Max explain that such a thing is impossible and that Marius is going to need Magikarp. Ash also suggests Marius should focus on his Spheal for the time being. At that moment Ash and Max hear 2 familiar voices outside. There is a snowcone stand just outside. Captain Stern says for them to go and have some. Marius approaches the team rocket stall and orders 4. James tells them to take a seat while the cones are prepared. They do so. While this is going on. A team magma grunt is sliding a key card in to the museum doors. The card i s connected to a computer device. The grunt adds a code, and then the doors open.

While this is going on, Ash, Max, Marius and Pikachu are suffering brain freezes. This is team rockets oppurtunity to nab a Pikachu paralyzed by brain freeze. They drop pikachu into a cage, begin their motto and float away. Mean while inside, the team magma agents cut power and grab the case with the odd stone while it is dark. Captain Stern notices them and then also realises the team magma grunt with the case. He orders them to drop it, but Captain Stern alone is no match for the team magma agents. After saying that something like this stone is most useful in the hands of team magma he releases Mightyena, which uses Shadow Ball, and team magma make an escape.

Outside, Ash, Max, Marius and Pikachu are struggling to get away from Team Rocket. Then Jesse notices Team Magma and instantly wants revenge. She, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet go to confront Team Magma. As they head off Marius releases Spheal in an attempt to break the cage they are trapped within. Spheal persists on clapping, Ash then releases Corphish who breaks the cage and free's the four trapped within. While the four head toward Team Magma, Team rocket is being blitzed by the Magma's Mightyena team. A few attacks and then Mightyena launches an Iron tail, which sends Cacnea hurtling into Seviper and then pushes them over to the rockets. Causing them to blast off.

Ash and Magma grunt are now in a stand off. However unexpectedly Capt. Stern comes over and insists on battling. He releases Sealio and orders Aurora beam which sends mightyena crashing into magma grunt. The case also flies out of his clutches and Marius catches it. He hands it to Capt. Stern. At this moment, Mightyena is back up, and then each agent releases their own individual Mightyenas.

Back in town, May and Brock have completed shopping and begin to go find Ash and Max.

At the museum, Magma grunt tells Ash to hand the case back to them. Ash disagrees, Magma grunt seems happy with this and says, now it will be fun. Pikachu, Corphish and Sealio step foward to defend their trainers and Capt. Stern's case. Capt. Stern orders Max and Marius to head into town to get Officer Jenny. Max would prefer not too, but he has no choice. He and marius get to the cliffs edge. Marius said to jump into the water. Max declines, but once mightyena use hyper beam, they have no other option. Once in the water, marius releases spheal. Max is pessismistic, but Marius assures Max his plan will be a success. and it is!!.. to Max's shock, Spheal is performing supurb in water. When they arrive on the beach they see May and Brock. May doesn't understand why Max is there. He quickly explains.

Back at the battle, Capt. Stern hands Ash the case and instructs him to run. Ash hesitates but Captain Stern tells him that he and Sealio will be fine and create a diversion so Ash can safely get away. All though Ash still doesn't want to leave, he agrees with the Capt. and heads off. Sealio uses powder snow, and mightyena releases a shadow ball. This explodes infront of Ash, causing him to release the case. As the case lands, it opens and the stone falls to the ground and breaks into 2 pieces. One large piece and one small.

Mightyena retrieves the large piece for its master, and Team Magma make a successful escape, only moments before the police arrive. Ash is guilt stricken and feels it is his fault Capt. Stern will not be able to do his research on the stone. But Capt. Stern says even with this small piece he will be able to successfully do his research. May is overwhelmed by the stone, and Brock feels a little disappointed because he and May missed a big day. Marius asks Ash if he is headed for Mauville gym now, Ash says he is. Marius wishes him luck and then tells Ash he is going to train his Spheal harder than ever, battle Ash and win. Ash and Max wish him luck. Then May, Brock, Ash, Max and Pikachu head off into the sunset on their way to Mauville City.

By: Lexy101