Episode #369 - Gaining Groudon

After falling into the ocean during the end of the last episode, Ash and co. see a ship sailing by and swim onto it. However, they soon regret doing so when they realize the ship is owned by Team Magma.

Team Magma spots them and brings them to their hideout to see their leader, Maxie. Maxie says that he will not hurt them if they obey his orders. He tells them that they have the Blue Orb, needed to control Groudon, which he wants to use in order to increase the world's land mass. He also explains that they have the Pokemon that Team Aqua wants in order to increase the size of the oceans, Kyogre. He furthermore tells them that Team Aqua has the Red Orb needed to control Kyogre, but instead of having Kyogre, they have Groudon. He says that he hopes to go to Monsu Island later that day to exchange Kyogre for Groudon.

Meanwhile, in the place where Team Magma is holding Kyogre, Tactical Commander Isabel, sneaks in in a Team Magma suit. She frees Kyogre and starts to take him back to Team Aqua's hideout on Monsu Island, but she is stopped by the Tactical Commander of Team Magma, who has heard the alarm for Kyogre go off. However, Isabel escapes with it.

The Tactical Commander sees Ash and co. down below about to jump off and escape. May, Max, and Brock, make it off, but he captures Ash and Pikachu and brings him back to the central room. Once there, Ash and Pikachu see the Blue Orb, Ash orders Pikachu to get it, but when he touches it, it bonds with him. The mark of Groudon starts to show up on it.

The ship sails to Monsu Island and Maxie gets out and asks Archie, the leader of Team Aqua, to give him Groudon. Archie refuses, stating that it is pointless because he now has Kyogre.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is washed ashore Monsu Island and hear the talk about Kyogre. They decide to steal it for themselves. They break into the room where Team Aqua is holding Kyogre and set it free, but it attacks them, causing them to blast off.

Back out in the ocean, May, Max, and Brock are trying to swim to Monsu Island when a red Gyarados picks them up and starts to take them to Monsu Island. They conclude that it is Lance's Gyarados, and it is taking them there because that is where Ash and Pikachu are.

Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are sitting in their cell when Lance comes by in a Team Magma suit and they relate what they know. He frees Ash, and tells him that Pikachu was too weak to resist the power of the Blue Orb, and it is starting to possess him.

Back at Monsu Island, Kyogre swims to Team Aqua after being freed by Team Rocket. They use the Blue Orb on it and it begins to flood Hoenn...

By: Celebi2000