Episode #384 - Showdown at Linoone

Ash and co. stand on the peak of a mountain and look down while Ash talks about his badges and how tough it was getting them.

Now we see a scene of Ash talking to Professor Oak over the computer. He tells him that he has just earned his eight badge from Juan. He then gets off and runs off to do his training. May, Max, and Brock sit down to eat and May starts to dust off her PokeBalls. She turns away and when she turns back, she sees that the balls containing Skitty and Bulbasaur are gone. She immediately blames Team Rocket. She sees tracks leading away from her and decides to follow them.

Team Rocket watches from a distance and says to each other that they didn't do it.

Ash and Pikachu are chasing a Linoone and Ash scans it with his PokeDex. Eventually Ash trips and falls, letting Linoone get away. May, Brock, and Max come by following the tracks. Ash tells them about the Linoone and May decides that the Linoone must have done it. They continue following the tracks and see it leads to a house. They go inside and see a boy. They tell the boy their story and he says his name is Kimi and that it must have been his Linoone, Togan. He says he would take them to the spot where Linoone usually hides things.

They arrive at the spot and see a variety of round objects, but no sign of the PokeBalls containing Skitty and Bulbasaur. Kimi tells them that when Togan was a Zigzagoon, the two were very close and they would always play games together, but when he evolved, he started stealing thing instead.

Kimi takes them to a forest where Togan also likes to hide things. Ash, May, Kimi, Max, Brock, and Kimi's parents all look, but none can find it. Kimi's parents find their wedding ring and start acting very romantic. Kimi tells them to stop.

The seven find a hollowed-out tree and find many rare items - a Dragon Fang, a Soothe Ball, and a Strength Club. Team Rocket overhear and decide to capture Togan so it can get them rare things.

The seven see Togan with chubby cheeks and realize that the PokeBalls must be in its mouth. But before they can get them out, Team Rocket captures Togan in a net. Kimi tries to rescue it but Jessie's Seviper knocks it off a cliff.

Togan drops the PokeBalls from its mouth and May catches them. James releases Cacnea, but Pikachu uses Iron Tail to cut the net. Togan falls to the ground.

Team Rocket decides to capture Pikachu. Seviper uses Poison Tail on Pikachu, who uses Thunderbolt on the balloon. However, the balloon remains in the sky, undamaged. A net comes down and picks up Pikachu. The balloon then gets away. Kimi apologizes to Ash for losing Pikachu in an attempt to rescue Togan.

Togan runs off after the balloon because it is round. Kimi realizes that when they trained together when Togan was a Zigzagoon, he would throw a PokeBall at Togan and Togan would catch it, but when he evolved, he thought Kimi wouldn't like him anymore, and it collects round things because it reminds him of when they trained.

Togan hops onto the balloon. James realizes he will pop the balloon, so he sends out Cacnea, who pops it. Togan and Pikachu return to the group, and Togan uses Water Pulse on Team Rocket. Cacnea and Seviper are confused and start to fight each other. Team Rocket tells them to stop and they start to attack them. Pikachu and Togan use Thunderbolt on them and they blast off. Ash tells Kimi that they make a great team.

Kimi aplogizes to Togan for not playing with it and starts to play catch with it again.

By: Celebi2000