Episode #385 - Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?

Ash makes a battle cry, causing the ocean to shift. He says he must do more training. May starts to talk about the Grand Festival and sees Drew and his Masquerain, Masquerain using Silver Wind. May shows Drew his four ribbons and Drew shows her his five. He says that there is only one contest left before the Grand Festival, one in Pacifidlog Town. She challenges him to a practice battle. Beautifly uses Silver Wind and Masquerain spins through it. Beautifly uses Somersault.

Team Rocket interrupts in their Magikarp boat and activates a vaccum, which accidentally vaccums up everyone. Max mistakenly bumps into a button and the ship starts sailing. It is caught in a whirlpool. Team Rocket lands in the woods without Wobbuffet. Ash, Pikachu, Max, and Brock also land in the woods, although they are in a different part of it. May and Drew find themselves in a different area. A man sees them and tells them that they are on Mirage Island. Drew says that he has heard of it. He says it is full of Leechi Berries and not many people have ever been there.

Meanwhile, Ash and co. send Swellow out to find May, but it returns with no information. They decide to find a river, hoping that May will think of the sam idea. They send out Corphish and Mudkip to find one.

Meanwhile, the man tells May and Drew that his name is Rodric and tells them that the smartest thing to do when you are lost is to find a river.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket hears a sound that sounds like Wobbuffet and thinks that it must be their Wobbuffet. They go off to find it, but Meowth stays back, knowing that it is just a Wynaut.

Meanwhile, Rodric tells May and Drew the story of how he came to Mirage Island. He was sailing in his boat searching for Mirage Island and was engulfed in a whirlpool. He fainted, and when he woke up he found himself in a cave full of Wynaut and Leechi Berries. May and Drew falll into the river. Rodric tries to use Victreebel to rescue them, but to no avail. May and Drew drift off and soon they hear and see some Wynaut.

The Wynaut jump into the river, forming a chain to rescue May and Drew.

Meanwhile, Ash and co. get to the river and meet Rodric, who tells them that May and Drew fell in the river and are about to go down a waterfall.

Meanwhile, May and Drew find themselves in a cave. Drew wakes up and asks if May saved him. She tells him that it was the Wynaut. The Wynaut give them both Leechi Berries to eat, and Drew comments on their sour taste.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sees Wobbuffet eating Leechi Berries and demands that he tells them where he found them.

Meanwhile, Rodric tells his story to Ash and co. and then they see the footprints of May, Drew, and the Wynaut.

Meanwhile, May releases her Pokemon and they all go play with the Wynaut. Drew watches from nearby, scoffing.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sits around eating Leechi Berries. Meowth detects that they have a good taste at first with a bad one after, so they must be Leechi Berries. They realize how powerful the Leechi Berries are and decide to pick and sell them. They go to the cave with a balloon vaccum and suck up May and many Leechie Berries. They tie up May.

Ash and co. arrive in the cave. Drew and his Roselia and the Wynaut fight Jessie's Seviper. Roselia uses Petal Dance and Wynaut uses Counter. Roselia frees May while Pikachu K.O.s.Seviper. Dustox uses Poison Sting and Masquerain uses Silver Wind, but Cacnea uses Pin Missile on them. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt as Masquerain and Beautifly use Silver Wind, causing Team Rocket to blast off.

The group looks at a picture of a younger Rodric among the Wynaut. Rodric gives May a basket full of Leechi Berries to make into PokeBlocks.

By: Celebi2000