Episode #389 - Berry, Berry Interesting!

The group is on their way to Slateport City for the Grand Festival, and currently they are in Pacifidlog Town. They stop to eat some berries and see Chechi, Ketchum, and Oran ones. Ash takes a bite of a Tomato Berry, causing his mouth to be burnt.

The group takes Ash to a Pokemon Center to heal from the Tomato Berry. His lips are pink and he is talking very weird. They give their Pokemon to Nurse Joy and then Ash goes off to practice Ice Beam with Snorunt. The others see some people going to make PokeBlocks from berries and Nurse Joy tells them that the Pokemon Center has Berry Blenders, used for making berries.

Team Rocket sits outside, looking at clouds when they see a Munchlax. They try to catch it but it runs off.

Ash is practicing with Snorunt, who is doing horrible with hitting Ice Beam on target. He eventually hits Ash's lip with ice, and he starts talking normal again.

May picks a basket full of berries from the garden outside the Pokemon Center and returns to make them into PokeBlocks. Brock offers to give her the cookbook Natalie gave him, but she says she has her own recipe to make "May's Purple Surprise". She gives some to Max and Brock, who say it is horrible. May says that they are simply not good tasters.

Ash and Snorunt continue to practice Ice Beam. Snorunt is still not doing well, and eventually freezes Ash into ice.

After Ash and Snorunt are done trading, they return to the Pokemon Center. All of Ash, May, and Brock's Pokemon try May's Purple Surprise and all hate it. However, Munchlax comes in and tries some and loves it.

Jessie and James come in, disguised as professional PokeBlock tasters. They try some of the other kids' and say they are good. James tries May's and hates it, but Jessie likes it. While they are doing this, Meowth steals everyone's PokeBlocks. Ventually everyone realizes that their PokeBlocks are gone and blame Munchlax. May tries to defend it, but they still blame Munchlax.

Everyone goes outside and May wants Munchlax to be her Pokemon so she decides to battle it. She releases Combusken for the battle, but Munchlax goes to sleep. After a minute he wakes up again and May realizes it was just resting. It starts to battle with her.

James is inside and eats a Tomato Berry. He runs outside, and Nurse Joy says a real PokeBlock taster would know better then to eat a Tomato Berry. One of the bags of PokeBlocks has a hole in it and some PokeBlocks fall out. Then they reveal themselves. Combusken and Snorunt attack them and then the balloon pops on an iceberg, causing them to blast off.

Some PokeBlocks fall from the balloon, and Munchlax catches them all in his mouth. May throws a PokeBall at it to catch it, but it eats the PokeBall. Surprisingly, it is still caught.

By: Celebi2000