Episode #390 - Less is Morrison!

Ash and co. sit down eating lunch with their Pokemon. Ash finishes first and says he wants to practice Ice Beam with Snorunt. Snorunt finishes and goes off to train with him. May finishes her food as well and decides to train with her Pokemon. However, Munchlax starts eating everyone's food.

Ash and Snorunt are training and once again, Snorunt is doing terrible. Suddenly, a sandwich is thrown at him, and he is followed by an angry trainer. The man says his name is Morrison and angrily demands his sandwich back. However, Munchlax eats it. May aplogizes to Morrison. Morrison screams, but then says it is okay.

He says he is competing in the Hoenn League and plans to be the world's greatest Pokemon master. Ash argues with him over this, saying he will be the world's greatest Pokemon master. The others comment on how much alike they are. They decide to battle with each other.

Ash chooses Pikachu and Morrison chooses Beldum. May scans Beldum with her PokeDex. Beldum keeps using Take Down, for it is his only attack, so it looks bad for Pikachu, but it keeps using Thunderbolt, so the battle ends in a draw. Morrison says he bets he has more badges then him, and shows him his seven. Ash shows him his eight, and tells him that there are only two months until the Hoenn League. Morrison races off to find a gym.

Team Rocket sits down and only has one bite of food left. They decide to play rock-paper-scissors on it. When they are done, they realize that the food is gone.

May sees Munchlax with the food and returns it to its PokeBall. She doesn't know what to do with it because it is always hungry, and decides to go to the Pokemon Center to make some more of May's Purple Surprise for it. When they arrive, they see Morrison, who says that he has realized that there are no gyms in Pacifidlog Town. He races Ash in and then they leave Pikachu and Beldum with Nurse Joy to heal.

At dinner, Ash and Morrison compete over who can eat the most, and then in the hot tub later to see who can take the most heat. Therefore when Nurse Joy hands them their Pokemon back, they are pooped. They instantly wake up, however, when they see their Pokemon. Then they leave all of their other Pokemon with her to rest. Ash says he wants to go to sleep, and Morrison tells him that he sleeps outside.

Morrison says Ash can't handle it outside, so Ash decides to sleep outside in a hammock with him to prove him wrong. However, he falls out. Luckily, Beldum catches him. Morrison sets him up his own hammock for him to sleep in. Morrison tells him thata it is nice because he gets to be with all the Pokemon.

The next morning, May makes Munchlax some PokeBlocks from a new recipe, May's Pink Surprise. Munchlax devours it immediately.

Meanwhile, Ash and Morrison arm-wrestle and then race to a mountain. Team Rocket sees Beldum and Meowth creates a vision of Munchlax tensing Giovanni's muscles. They then decide to capture Pikachu and Beldum.

Ash and Morrison fall off a cliff, and Team Rocket catches them in a cage and steals Pikachu and Beldum. They manage to escape and jump off another cliff, popping Team Rocket's balloon. They have no Pokemon with him, but they themselves use Take Down and retrieve their Pokemon.

Seviper uses Vine Attack and Cacnea Pin Missile, but Pikachu and Beldum dodge it and use Iron Tail and Take Down. Beldum finishes with Take Down and Pikachu finishes with Thunderbolt, causing Team Rocket to blast off.

Morrison is on a ship to Sootopolis to win his final badge, and Ash and co. wave good-bye to him.

By: Celebi2000