Episode #313 - What You Seed Is What You Get

Ash and May argue over which town to head for next, Lavaridge for Ash's next Gym, or Fallarbor for May's next contest. Max says they can go to both, because they're not far apart.

Team Rocket laments that they haven't found the twerps or any food yet. They find a large watermelon patch and are about to eat when they are surprised by a large Electrode that looks like a watermelon itself. It sends them blasting off and the watermelons that they already picked fall into a river.

The kids are having lunch when they notice a few watermelons floating in the river. They sit down to eat and Ash encourages Treecko to practise its Bullet Seed attack using the watermelon seeds. As they train, they're all attacked by a Grovyle and a Slugma! A girl arrives and accuses them of stealing her watermelons. Her name is Natasha, she's the best watermelon grower in the area. A green and black striped Electrode informs Natasha that these aren't the thieves it saw, and she apologises. She takes them to show off her patch. Ash complements her on her Pokemon and she challenges him to a double battle.

It's Grovyle and Slugma vs. Treecko and Corphish. They are evenly matched at first but Natasha's strategy puts Ash in a tough position.

Team Rocket is back at the watermelon patch and are determined to steal the fruits, regardless of the Electrode.

The battle continues and both Slugma and Corphish are knocked out. Electrode appears and informs Natasha that the thieves are back. They interrupt the battle and investigate, finding Team Rocket harvesting the watermelons with a giant Cacnea-shaped robot.

Natasha has Grovyle do Bullet Seed, but the robot shoots tape across Grovyle's mouth so it can't attack. Ash has Treecko try Bullet Seed as well, and it manages to cut the net that holds the watermelons and they fall to the ground. Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off.

The Pokemon match resumes. Both trainers battle down to the wire, but ultimately Grovyle has just enough energy left to defeat Treecko. Later Natasha treats them all to some watermelon, but Ash notices that Treecko is upset. He jokes around, trying to get it to cheer up, and spits seeds at it. This prompts Treecko to retaliate with Bullet Seed, finally mastering the technique.

By: Audrey