Episode #315 - Let Bagons Be Bagons

Ash and friends are traveling through mountains on the way to Fallarbor Town when they encounter a Bagon, which attacks them unexpectedly! Ash sends Taillow to stop it, but the battle is interrupted by the arrival of a pretty woman with purple hair, wearing sunglasses. She asks them why they picked a fight, but when Ash explains what happened, she apologises. Brock flirts with her and Max grabs his ears.

The woman's name is Michelle and the Bagon is hers. The Bagon throws itself from the top of the cliff, and Michelle uses her glasses to find out where it'll land so she can catch it. She says the glasses have a computer in them that helps her improve Bagon's accuracy in battles. Her theory about why Bagon keeps jumping off the cliff is that it wants to fly, even though it has to evolve into Shelgon then Salamence before it can fly. Ash offers to battle her to help Bagon gain some experience.

Team Rocket is watching, and plans to catch the Bagon for the boss. It's Bagon vs. Pikachu. Bagon quickly gains the upper hand thanks to Michelle's glasses. However, she's surprised that Ash is able to get Pikachu back into the fight by encouraging it. Pikachu begins to even the score, but the match is disturbed by Team Rocket in a helicopter. Meowth uses a remote-controlled jetpack to swoop down and grab Bagon!

Ash has Treecko hit the copter with Bullet Seed, and Jessie drops the controller. Unable to do anything, Meowth and Bagon fly helplessly around. Team Rocket follows them in the copter but can't catch them, and eventually they crash in the forest.

Michelle picks up the controller and the kids all go to look for Bagon. She complements Ash on his training, and he tells her that part of it is encouraging his Pokemon and not giving up.

Team Rocket finds Meowth and Bagon. Meowth speaks to Bagon and learns about its dream to fly. He retells the story of how he learned to walk upright and use human speech, saying that you have to hold onto your dreams.

The kids arrive, and Bagon rejoins Michelle, carrying the jetpack. Team Rocket climbs into the copter and uses a robot arm to catch Pikachu before flying away. Bagon and Treecko want to use the jetpack to go after them, so Michelle calculates the distance with her glasses and uses the remote control to fly them closer. Bagon and Treecko both hit the copter, and Pikachu is freed! Then Pikachu hops onto Bagon's back with Treecko and sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Michelle lands the three Pokemon safely, and Bagon suddenly evolves into Shelgon! Now it's closer to its dream of becoming a Salamence and being able to fly.

By: Audrey