Episode #316 - The Princess and the Togepi

The gang is waiting for someone, who turns out to be Misty! She's taking time out from her Cerulean Gym Leader duties to come to a Togepi Festival at a local hotel. They are met at the hotel door by two people in Togepi outfits, who drag Misty and Togepi inside and lock the door. Misty asks what's going on, but the pair dash out.

Suddenly the front of the hotel collapses to reveal an airship, which takes off! Ash and friends grab a rope and climb aboard.

The airship crosses a desert and mountains, finally coming to a town in a valley. When the ship lands, the kids confront the pilots, who turn out to be Team Rocket in disguise! They're not after Pikachu this time, but Togepi. They prepare to attack, but are stopped by a military officer. Apparently they have been acting under his orders.

Misty refuses to give them her Togepi, so the officer attacks with his Pokemon, two Ninjask and a Shedinja. Ash and Brock hold them off while Misty and the others escape into a nearby garden. The Shedinja follows the fleeing kids, and although Misty tries to defend herself with Corsola, the Shedinja's Solar Beam is too powerful. In the resulting explosion, Misty loses her grip on Togepi and it flies out of sight into the woods.

A well-dressed girl finds the injured Togepi and takes it to her servant, who helps her take care of it. The servant Miranda refers to the girl as "Princess".

Meanwhile, Ash and Brock are having trouble against the Ninjask, but are determined to beat them, even chasing them underground.

Togepi is cared for by the Princess and her mother. They call the king in, and they're all happy that such a miracle has occurred. The officer arrives, and the king addresses him as Colonel Hansen. Then the kids come in and recognise the Colonel as the man who attacked them, and Misty demands her Togepi back. The king orders Colonel Hansen to leave, and he's not happy about it.

The Princess introduces herself as Sara and explains that in Mirage Kingdom, Togepi are worshipped. Any person who wants to ascend to the throne must seek out a Togepi. Her father did so, and its arrival and later departure proved that he was the right person to rule. However Sara has not found a Togepi yet and the ascension ceremony is tomorrow.

Everyone realises that Colonel Hansen was trying to steal Togepi to get the throne for himself. Brock flirts with Sara and Misty drags him away by the ear, as in the old days! Misty wishes that she can help somehow, but Sara says the best thing now is for the gang to leave.

Hansen and Team Rocket are still plotting to steal Togepi, and the Colonel promises great power once he's on the throne.

As our heroes prepare to leave on the airship, a mirage appears in the sky above the temple. Togepi is enticed by the vision and floats up into the air! The moment is interrupted by Hansen and Team Rocket, who attack. Ash and Pikachu are ready, but who will win? Stay tuned...

By: Audrey