Episode #321 - Maxed Out!

Ash, May, Max and Brock visit a Pokemon center by a lake on their way to Fallarbor Town. While Brock flirts with Nurse Joy as usual, Skitty gets out of her ball and starts chasing her tail. After Max calms Skitty down with a toy, a boy with brown hair and glasses comes to the center and tells them to stop yelling. Turns out his name is Maxx, too! The two Maxes start fighting.

After Maxx leaves, May and Max go to the lake. They spot a Surskit and follow it. They see that the Surskit is Maxx's friend. The two start feuding again, but May breaks them up. Ash and Brock come along and decide to take out all their Pokemon and let them play together. Maxx comments on how he has never seen so many Pokemon together.

It turns out that Team Rocket was watching and wants to catch Surskit for their boss. They confront Maxx and try to take Surskit. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Team Rocket has a special umbrella that repels electricity. However, Skitty, who was snoozing, jumps up and starts biting Jessie?s hair. Jessie shakes off Skitty and runs off, crying.

The kids discover that Surskit was frightened off, and run into the forest to help Maxx find it. After a while, Team Rocket returns, and everyone laughs at Jessie?s messed up hairdo. Jessie becomes furious and starts pounding the ground with her machine?s sledgehammer. After a particularly hard pound, the kids fly off in two directions.

After May, Maxx and Max land, Maxx says he knows where Surskit might be. After talking for a while, the two boys discover that they fought because they were jealous of each other, but now they are friends. Maxx leads the trio to a spring with two water levels, where they find Surskit. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock send out Taillow to find the others.

Team Rocket finds May and the two boys, but Maxx says he will fight them to save Surskit. After a hard battle, Seviper is about to use Poison Tail, but Maxx tells Surskit to use Water Pulse to break the division of the water levels. All that extra water sends Team Rocket washing right out. After a double-slap from Skitty, Team Rocket goes blasting off.

As the kids are leaving the Pokemon center, Maxx says that he will be traveling, too and that he will challenge Max to a battle soon. The heroes set off for Fallarbor Town.

By: chikorita1999