Episode #322 - Pros and Con Artists

The Episode starts out with our heroes reaching Fallarbor Town. May spots the contest building and starts day-dreaming about winning the first prize ribbon. She and Beautifly are ready to win! After entering the building, they meet a coordinator named Grace and her Medicham. During dinner, May tells Grace that she is worried about the contest because this is only her second one. Grace tells her that has nothing to do with it, you just have to use your Pokemon's power completely. They go outside and Grace shows some of her Medicham's combinations.

The next day, May and Beautifly try some combinations, but May isn?t sure what to use, and Beautifly messes up. Drew comes along and laughs at May's combination. After finding out that May hasn't won any ribbons yet, he smirks and says he has three. May gets even more worried. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is selling fake magic gold and silver Pokeblock, which supposedly increases coolness and charigmatism. They are using ordinary Pokeblock and painting it gold and silver.

Drew challenges Ash to a Pokemon battle. Ash uses Taillow and Drew uses Roselia. Taillow is quick and dodges many attacks, but as it is about to use Peck Attack, Roselia uses Stun Spore, then finishes him off with Solar Beam. May watches the battle and can't believe that Ash has lost. Drew, seeing May there, says that to win, you and your Pokemon have to be on the same wavelength to be a true team. Late that night, May is even more worried.

The next day, May spots the Pokeblock stand with masses of people buying the fake blocks. May decides that she will buy some for her Beautifly, too. Just then, Grace comes in and shows everyone that the dealers are scammers by asking what berries are in the block. She then says that a real coordinator would mix their own block at home. After realizing that this isn?t the way that she wants to win, May apologizes to Beautifly. Team Rocket jumps onto their hot air balloon, and steal the people's Pokemon.

Grace tells Medicham to use Psychic, and he frees all the Pokemon. May tells Beautifly to use String Shot, but Cacnea breaks it with Pin Missile. Finally, Medicham sends them flying with Ice Punch. May thanks Grace, but Grace said that May should give herself some more credit. She says that: "you are more powerful than you realize."

The contest is just about to start and Ash, Brock and Max settle in to watch. May seems a little more confident. The contest has begun!

By: chikorita1999