Episode #323 - Come What May

The Fallarbor Pokemon Contest has begun! Drew's Roselia uses Petal Dance and gets a 28 in the first round. Grace's Medicham uses High Jump and gets a 29.6. May's Beautifly uses Silver Wind, and gets a 25.9. A new contestant named Jessica enters with her Dustox with a Rainbow whirlwind. In truth, she is Jessie, with Meowth making the Rainbows. She receives a near perfect score! Jessica, Drew, May and Grace get into the second round.

May is versing Jessie. After losing some points because of Dustox's tackle, Beautifly comes back with Gust. Beautifly finishes it off with Silver Wind. As Dustox hits the ground, the machine that was used to make the rainbows was discovered and Jessie was disqualified. After trying to steal all the Pokemon, Team Rocket was blasted sky-high with Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

The next match is Drew against Grace. Roselia starts out the match with Elegant Leaf, but Medicham dodges it. Roselia uses Petal Dance, but Medicham uses Confusion and turns it back. Finally, Roselia uses Solar Beam. While it is charging up, Medicham uses Ice Punch on the ground. When Solar Beam comes, it bounces off all the ice and hits Roselia, knocking her out.

The final match is May against Grace. May starts it off with a Tackle, but Medicham dodges. Beautifly uses String Shot, but Medicham turns it back on her, and freezes Beautifly with Ice Punch. After struggling for a few seconds, Beautifly breaks free of the ice. Medicham uses High Jump, but Beautifly dodges it. This time, May combines String Shot with Tackle. When Medicham tries to dodge, she mixes in Silver Wind, then executes a perfect Tackle. Again, May uses Tackle with Silver Wind and completely immobilizes Medicham with the wind! For the last move, Beautifly comes with a Tackle, and Medicham with a High Jump. After colliding, the time runs out and May is declared the winner!

May is presented with the Fallarbor Ribbon, her very first one! After seeing May win, Ash is psyched for his next gym battle. May is psyched as well for her next contest!

By: chikorita1999