Episode #341 - Love, Petalburg Style!

Everybody arrives in Petalburg city to go to May and Max's house to see their parents before Ash Challenges Norman for a gym badge. When they get there a guy who helps out in the green house comes and greets May and Max and tells them that something has been bothering Caroline but he doesn't know what it is. Ash and everyone goes to the green house to see the pokemon and they see the slakoth, vigeroth and slaking there. May, Max and Brock go back to the house for lunch while Ash decided to go to the pokemon center. When he got there he saw Norman talking to Nurse Joy and laughing (the guy earlier said that Norman has been spending a lot of time at the pokemon center and she was getting jelous.)

Meanwhile when May was talking to her mom she bought up her buetifly and when she did her mom got really mad and the guy said to not bring up the buetifly and May and Max get confused. Back in the green house Team Rocket sneak around to try to get the vigeroth, slakoth and slaking(Ash is back in the green house around this time). Caroline gets fed up when she finds out Norman was at the pokemon center again with Joy on there anniversery so she starts to pack up her stuff to leave Norman. They all go to the pokemon center where Caroline finds Norman and Tells him that she's leaving him, and May and Max flip out(expecially Max-he starts to cry a bit). Since Norman has no idea what Caroline is talking about he offers to help her with her luggage that she packed. After learning that she thought he was having an affair with Joy he explained she was helping him with a surprise and he knew he could trust her to keep it a secret.

Caroline wanted to know what the secret was so Norman took everyone back to the green house where they find Team Rocket trying to steal Normans pokemon and Ash goes to battle them. During the battle Team Rocket breaks a black box and when they do Norman gets real mad and and has vigeroth beat them(they of course blats off again).

Then Norman and Joy(who came back with them) get mad about the box which turned out to be fireworks for their anniversery. Joy offers to make a new set of fireworks because other than being a pokemon nurse she can also make fire works. They shoot the fire works which are in the shapes of buetiflys.(The reason why Caroline got mad about May's buetifly is because Norman purposed to her with buetifly's around them and of course she thought Norman was cheating on her, on their anniversery and hearing about her buetifly just reminded her of the purposal and got Caroline mad.) The episode ended with the fireworks shooting.

By: kelsey