Episode #348 - Me, Myself and Time

The episode starts out in the Kerri Kerri Mountains, with Ash, May, Brock and Max traveling through a lot of fog. In the midst of the fog, Ash gets separated from the rest of the group. After falling down a cliff, Ash and Pikachu find a lady sitting by a tree, singing a song of going on through Baltoy's path. After Ash and Pikachu continue on for a while, they see a Baltoy spinning toward the edge of a cliff. Pikachu uses quick attack to stop it. The Baltoy's owner comes to get it.

After talking to the Baltoy's owner, a girl named Callista, Ash finds out that she is in this mountain to find out the most valuable treasure in the universe. Her parents do not want her to be an archaelogist, so after receiving a strange phone call from a lady, she runs away to the mountains. Callista opens her book of archaelogy and starts singing a song. Ash says that a lady by a tree was singing that song, and leads Callista to it.

When they arrive at that place, they see that Team Rocket is battling with that lady. After sending Team Rocket blasting into space, Ash and Callista follow the lady through a hole. Inside the cave are markings of the Baltoy civilization. The lady says that under a pile of rubble is the civilization's greatest creation. After clearing the rubble, they rescue the lady's Baltoy, and she tells Callista to make her Baltoy use rapid spin in the middle of the wheel.

At this time, Team Rocket busts in, but Pikachu sends them and their drill machine blasting into space. After Baltoy does rapid spin, the circle glows and the lady walks in. She says that she is Callista, from the future and that the Baltoy civilization invented a time machine. She says that the most valuable treasure in the universe is time. She leaves, and Callista vows to follow her dream of archaelogy.

After Callista leaves, May, Brock and Max catch up with Ash. After finding out that the most valuable treasure in the universe is time, Ash can't wait to get to the next gym.

By: chikorita1999