Episode #355 - Unfair Weather Friends

Ash and co. are traveling through to the next gym in Fortree City and it is snowing. They think that this is unusual because it is summer. Suddenly, all the snow clears and the sky goes back to broad daylight. They wonder what has happened.

A man walks up to them and tell them that was him experimenting with the weather using a sattelite that controls it. He introduces him to his assistant, Milly, who has a Ditto, along with his Castform. For some reason, Brock doesn't have a crush on Milly and everyone wonders why. The leader of the institute where they work tells him that Milly is new at the institute and commands her to give them a tour of the institute. She agrees.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sees them at the institute and the sattelite they have that controls the weather. They decide to steal it for Giovanni. However, Team Aqua shows up and insults them, and then some members head into the institute.

Ash, Brock, May, and Max wonder what they want here and Milly tells them that thry must want data that they have on the ancient Pokemon Kyogre, which has the ability to make it rain forever. She tells them that they also have data on the ancient Pokemon Groudon, who has the ability to increase the land on earth.

Some Team Aqua members confront them asking for the info. Milly quickly takes it off the computer and gives it to Castform, who takes off with it. Ash runs after it.

Eventually, Castform loses the Team Aqua mambers and heads back to Milly, May, Max, and Brock. Milly gets Ditto to transform into Castform to fool the Team Aqua members. Ditto goes away while the other four search for the way out of the institute.

Ash sees the Team Aqua members chasing Ditto and, thinking it's Castform, rescues it and takes it to Milly, May, Max, and Brock. The five quickly head out of the institute to find many Weather Institute members held captive by Team Aqua. Isabel commands her to give her the card or she will kill them. However, she climbs up the sattelite with Ditto and the card.

The boss asks her what she is doing, and she takes off her disguise to reveal that she is really Rudy, a member of Team Magma, who plans to use the information on Groudon to help Team Magma. Isabel uses the sattelite to emit a bolt of lightning, causing Team Rocket to blast off.

Ash and co. battle Rudy for the card, but they don't succeed. He takes off on his jetpack, Isabel and the Team Aqua members leave as well. The boss gets upset about Milly being a Team Magma member. Everyone notices that that was why Brock didn't have a crush on her.

In the midst of all this, the real Milly shows up asking about the job she was offered at the institute. The boss greets her, and takes her inside the institure. Ash and co. then continue their journey to Fortree City.

By: Celebi2000