Episode #358 - Lights, Camerupt, Action!

After winning his sixth badge, Ash and co. are traveling to Lilycove City so that they can take a ferry there to Mossdeep City. They meet a man with a Camerupt with film equipment on its back that is stuck in the river. They help him bring it back to shore.

They ask the man what the film equipment is for, and he tells him that he makes movies and shows them to people in cities that don't have television all around Hoenn. They decide to come with him to a city he is showing a movie to the following night.

That night, they sit around a campfire eating and talking about movies they had seen in the past. Ash relates about a movie he saw with Gary the day before he started his journey about a boy named Red and some Pokemon. Max relates about a movie he saw with May, and May about one she saw by herself about a Natu and Xatu who were separated from each other. Brock tells the four about an old western movie he saw one time with two Pokemon fighting.

The next morning, the five wake up and start heading to the town in which the man and his Camerupt are showing a movie. They ask him why he does it for free and he says because the children write him nice letters that make it worthwhile. He relates to them about a little girl in the city they are going to today that wrote him a letter about a movie he showed to them last year.

Jessie, James, and Meowth hear them talking about the movie and decide to steal all the movies and the film equipment and give it to Giovanni.

That night, Ash and co. get to the town where they are showing the movie. The movie starts out with a Kirlia being captured by some evil Pokemon and Plusle and Minun decide to save her. However, they are confronted by some Pokemon.

The movie then stops and Team Rocket appears. They say their motto to everyone and take the movies and film equipment. They then run off with it.

Ash, May, Max, and the movie man chase after the trio while Brock distracts him with his song and dance routine that he always does to distract people while everyone else is getting whatever was stolen back from Team Rocket.

Team Rocket inadvertently leaves a trail of film and Ash and co. follow it. At the end of the trail, they confront them and cause them to blast off. They get everything back and go back to where the movie is being showed.

Everyone is getting bored of Brock's routine and are happy to see Ash and co. get back with the movie and equipment. They watch the end of the movie and then Ash and co. continue on their journey to Lilycove City.

By: Celebi2000