Episode #360 - The Garden of Eatin'

Ash and co. are traveling when Max reads about a place called the Banana Slakoth Garden in the PokeNav. They go over to it to find the gate closed. Noticing it is unlocked, they enter anyway.

Once inside the garden, they notice that most of the bananas are gone, and they don't see any Slakoth. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. A man comes and takes them inside of a building quickly.

The man tells them that about a month ago, a Snorlax came into the garden and started eating all the bananas. Right after it ate, it would go to sleep. The Slakoth started hiding because they were afraid of Snorlax. Ash realizes that they were making a building in Snorlax's home and so Snorlax came here.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sees the Snorlax and think that if they capture it, Giovanni will promote them. They decide to change their looks for when they get their promotion.

Ash decides to go to the garden and capture the Snorlax so it will have to listen to him and therefore leave. However, all Pikachu's attacks do not work on it and they are unable to do so.

Ash calls Professor Oak, who tells him he created a PokeBlock that fills Snorlax's belly and is using it on his Snorlax. However, he says that the only way to capture a wild Snorlax would be to use a Pokemon that would be able to resist his Yawn and Rest attacks. Max notices that Vigoroth can resist it, and so they resolve to train one of the Slakoth so that it will evolve.

The five go down to the garden and tell the Slakoth their plan. One of them volunteers, and so Ash battles it with Pikachu, Grovyle, and Torkoal. Slakoth takes out all three of them and evolves.

They then take Vigoroth down to the garden to battle Snorlax. Vigoroth wins and the man captures Snorlax. He decides to use the Snorlax as an attraction; he can use Yawn on people and they can have refreshing naps in a special napping room.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket lays down in the forest thinking of themselves in their new fashion clothes and imagining their new motto that fits their new outfits.

By: Celebi2000