Episode #01 - Pokemon, I Choose You!

The episode starts with Gengar and Nidorino battling, a scene in the start of Red. Then the scene changes into a stadium, where the two Pokemon continue to battle. Gengar beat Nidorino, and the trainer sent out an Onix. Then we see everything that'd just happened on television. Ash was standing next to his TV in his bedroom. Just then, his mom came in. She said that it was past his bed time, but Ash says he can't fall asleep, because tomorrow was his big day. Ash's mom put in a tape, and you see Professor Oak introducing the three starting Pokemon.

It was the next day, and Ash was late. In his pajamas, he ran to Professor Oak's lab, where he saw Gary and his cheerleaders and a bunch of people. Gary was saying that he got the best Pokemon from Professor Oak, since he is the professor's grandson. He hops into a car, and drives away. Professor Oak comes out and sees Ash, and tells him to go with him.

In the lab, Ash was about to choose one of three Pokemon. All of them were empty, taken by trainers who woke up earlier. So Ash had to take Pikachu, who shocked Ash badly. Outside, Ash's mom and another bunch of people were cheering for Ash. After giving Ash the stuff he needs on his journey, Ash was on the road with Pikachu!

Ash had to tug Pikachu on a rope and wear rubber gloves. Pikachu won't obey, and won't go inside its pokeball. As they approach a Pidgey, Ash commands Pikachu to weaken it. But Pikachu climbs up to a tree and yawns. Ash gets mad, and throws a pokeball at the Pidgey. It went in, but then came out. Ash tried to cover the Pidgey with his pajamas, but is blown away by Pidgey's gust and sand attack. A Rattata comes to steal his food. Then, Ash sees another flying Pokemon. He picked up a rock and threw it. Bulls-eye, right on its head! The Pokemon turns out to be a Spearow, and calls out its whole group to attack Ash and Pikachu.

Now they were running, and Ash and Pikachu falls into a river. A girl fished him up. The girl was Misty. Ash asked directions for the Pokemon Center, and then climbs onto Misty's bike. Misty tried to chase him back, but couldn't.

It was raining hard, Ash and Pikachu fell off the bike, and onto the muddy ground. Ash tells Pikachu to get inside its pokeball for protection, but Pikachu doesn't move. The Spearow were flying at Ash. Then Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder, and thunder shocked everyone. It was morning, and Ash was carrying Pikachu. Ash saw a Pokemon flying over the rainbow, and wondered what it was. The pokedex couldn't identify it. The Pokemon was Ho-oh.