Episode #10 - Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Ash and friends encountered an Oddish this day.Ash wants to capture it, but Misty battles it. After beating it, she throws a pokeball, but it is blocked by a Bulbasaur for some reason. They give up and cross the bridge. Brock falls into the river, and the bridge broke down. Ash and Misty fell into a number of traps while searching for Brock. Brock finds them soon, and takes them to a place where all the injured and abandoned Pokemon live in peace. The person in charge was called Melanie, and the protector is that same Bulbasaur. Now they know why Bulbasaur protected Oddish, who was also there. Team Rocket once again comes, standing on a stadium roof. They try to suck up all the Pokemon, but is blown away by Pidgeotto. Bulbasaur is given to Ash after a battle, and the gang leaves.