Episode #11 - Charmander - The Stray Pokemon

Ash saw a Charmander on a rock. Brock said that Ash had better capture it to bring it to the Pokemon Center, since the flame on its tail is almost out. Ash tried, but the Charmander wouldn't go in. Pikachu talked to Charmander, and slowly explained to Ash that it was waiting for someone. It started to rain, and they went to the Pokemon Center for some soup. There they heard a guy named Damian bragging about how he abandoned a Charmander to his friends. Brock knew it was that Charmander, and told Ash and Misty to come with him to get Charmander. Charmander was brought to the Pokemon Center, but left the next day. The gang left, and was trapped by Team Rocket. Pikachu was captured in a pink bubble. Luckily, Charmander came to save the day, and wanted to be with Ash. Ash got a new Pokemon, and a new friend.