Episode #12 - Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

A brief narration informs us that Ash has just caught two of the three beginning pokémon he COULD have gotten had he not slept in at the beginning of his pokémon journey. Ash is pretty confident of his recent feats, but this prevents him from noticing a pitfall trap which he leads the group into. Bruised, Ash wonders who could have pulled such a trick. Surprisingly, it's not Team Rocket but a group of Squirtles all wearing sunglasses. They laugh at Ash and company as they struggle to get out of the pit. Ash wants to catch on of them and orders Pikachu to attack. Pikachu thundershocks, but one Squirtle with regular sunglasses jumps in front to protect the Squirtle with the big sunglasses. With that Squirtle injured, the leader Squirtle and Pikachu face off in a showdown-type style. However, the sound of a police siren scares off the Squirtles, and Officer Jenny arrives on the scene. She looks like the Officer Jenny of Viridian City, but she tells the gang that they must have met one of her cousins: they are all policewomen that look alike and are named Jenny. She explains further that this town has a pokémon gang called the Squirtle Squad. They are a group Squirtles who play tricks on the town, because they were abandoned by their original owners. Jenny laments that if someone would take care of them, they might behave better. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them, but as James and Meowth complain they are hungry, Jesse finally gives in and sets up a picnic. Before they can eat, the Squirtle Squad interrupts them and wants their food (as translated by Meowth). Team Rocket is about to retaliate, but steps into one of the Squad's pitfall traps. Tied to a tree, Team Rocket watches helplessly as the Squirtles gorge themselves on the food. Jesse gets an idea and tries to get the Squirtles to capture Pikachu for them. At first the leader says they won't because they don't trust humans, but Meowth convinces them that Jesse and James are HIS human pets and he wants them to capture Pikachu. The Squirtles agree. Later, a Squirtle attacks our unknowing heroes by a brook. The Squirtle is able to knock Pikachu into the water, and a wild Goldeen uses its horn attack to knock Pikachu to the ground. Before Ash can save it, though, the Squirtles tie them up and take them to a cave. Inside, they find out that Meowth told the Squirtles to get Pikachu, and Ash tries to convince the Squirtles that Team Rocket is bad. But, they don't trust Ash because he's a human. Then, Brock tells Ash that Pikachu is in bad shape and needs a super potion to get better. Ash pleads with the Squirtles to let him go into town to buy one, and after a few convincing tears, the Squirtles let him go...but he must come back by noon tomorrow or else they will dye Misty's hair purple! Ash runs and struggles through broken bridges and clumsy roads to finally get to the store. Tired, he's about to enter, but Gary exits and knocks Ash out by opening the door into his face. Ash later awakens the next morning as Team Rocket robs the store of flash powder. They are going to use it to scare the Squirtles away and get Pikachu. They leave, and as Ash enters to buy the super potion, he is met with guns as the store owner thinks he a robber too. Jenny intervenes and saves Ash. They try to drive back to the cave, but a broken bridge forces them to detour to the "back entrance" with a hole too small for Jenny to follow. Ash makes it to the Squirtle Squad and gives Pikachu the super potion, just as Team Rocket begins to bombard the Squirtles with flash bombs from their air balloon. Meowth takes the still weak Pikachu aboard the air balloon as the leader Squirtle gets knocked on his back. However, Ash protects him from the bombs, and seeing such care, the Squirtle trusts him and helps him get Pikachu back by blowing a hole in the air balloon. The other Squirtles then put out the fires set by Team Rocket's bombs just as Officer Jenny arrives. The whole town is grateful and makes the Squirtles honorary firemen of the town. As Ash leaves, the leader Squirtle follows him and wants to join up. He takes off his sunglasses and jumps into Ash's arms. And so they continue on towards Vermillion City.