Episode #16 - Pokemon Shipwreck

Ash, Misty, Brock, and the whole Team Rocket are trapped upside down in St.Anne, now at the bottom of the sea. Ash and friends try to get a way out, and meets Team Rocket. They work together to get out. Using their Pokemon, they went through all the trouble, and balanced the ship so it wouldn't fall into a deep trench below. Ash and friends used their water Pokemon to escape, and did. Team Rocket used the Magikarp, a Pokemon James bought, who couldn't swim. Still, Team Rocket got to the surface (they never die, do they?), and onto a raft which Ash and friends were on. James kicked Magikarp off the raft for being useless, and Magikarp evolved into Gyarados, and did dragon rage. This sent everybody flying out of control in a huge water twister.