Episode #18 - Beauty and the Beach

Ash and his friends made their way from the "Island of the Giant Pokemon," (which in reality was a theme park run by Giovanni) and into Porta Vista (Aopulco). Coincidentally, Ash's Mother and Professor Oak also happen to be staying at Porta Vista. The group finds an old man named Ryu. He is the owner of a little beach house that Ash somehow manages to damage. He actually destroyed the wooden dock that leads toward the beach house. Unfortunately, Ryu is too poor to repair the dock himself.

The group later learns of a beauty contest, "Miss Sunburn." Luckily this prize money could be used to pay off the debt owed for the destroyed wooden dock, so Misty and Ash's Mom join the pageant in hopes of winning. Shortly after this we find Team Rocket, they too join the contest... yes they, as in Jessie and James. In order for James to participate he must give the impression that he is female, so yes... he suits up with all of the appropriate female parts and enters the contest along side Jessie. As the episode goes on we find Team Rocket getting antsy, so as usual they begin to cause trouble. Ash and his team of powerhouses eventually drive Team Rocket away.

The contest pursues and the results are in. Ash's Mom winds up winning the beauty contest and they repay Ryu for the damages to his precious wooden deck.

This episode was shown, and was originally called Holiday at Aupolco. Many scenes were cut out, most importantly the part where they gave James huge inflatable breasts.