Episode #02 - Pokemon Emergency!

Ash meets Officer Jenny in Viridian City, and she takes him to the Pokemon Center in her sidecar. There, they meet Nurse Joy, and her helper Chansey. Pikachu was soon in the emergency room, and Ash called his mom and the professor. Misty came mad about her bike, and wanted Ash to pay her. Ash explained that Pikachu was hurt, and that he will pay her when he gets that kind of money. Team Rocket soon came. Nurse Joy transfered all the sick Pokemon to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City. Pikachu did another thunder shock that exploded the whole Pokemon Center, and sent Team Rocket flying away, who now wants to capture Pikachu. Ash and Misty goes on to the Viridian Forest, and Ash is about to capture a Caterpie.