Episode #20 - The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

The gang arrives at a city on a ship. Brock says that summer is over and he'll have to wait another year for bikini season. As they dock, Brock sees a beautiful girl. As Team Rocket dock, James see her too. But soon, she was gone. They all learn that there is a Summer's End Festival going on, so they blend in.

As the festival gets into full swing, Brock swoons over the woman he saw. Just then a really short old woman stops them and warns Brock that the woman he fell in love with will only mean trouble for him: that all men who fall in love with the ghost of the maiden are doomed to a horrible fate. Elsewhere, Team Rocket is scrounging around for coins and finds a penny. They are confronted by Officer Jenny, who doesn't recognize them as criminals, but as good citizens that were going to turn in the coin to the police. James is also warned by the old woman of his doomed fate for falling in love with the mysterious woman. Both groups (oblivious to each other) end up at the Maiden's Shrine, where a 2000 year old painting is revealed. Brock and James both recognize it as the woman they love. The old shrine man explains that the woman seen in the picture waited on a cliff as her true love set sail for a war.

Although he never returned, she never left the spot on the cliff and waited until she turned to stone. That stone is the rock that looks like the woman on the edge of the coastline. Both Brock and James (still oblivious to each other) want to stay with the rock. Meowth convinces Jesse and James that if they still want money, they can probably wait until late at night to steal that painting. As the sun sets, Brock sits by the cliff just watching the rock. Ash and Misty make him promise to come back to the pokémon center and he does. After they leave, though, the shrine doors open up and a ghostly image of the woman appears. Meowth freaks out, but is put back to sleep by strange waves. The ghost appears to both James and Brock and they follow her as if in a trance. The next morning, Ash and Misty are looking for Brock, but all they run into are Jesse and Meowth who are looking for James. As Jesse attempts to say the Team Rocket motto, James' voice is heard, and they find him and Brock inside the shrine.

They both look like they are completely drunk. The old woman shows up and reiterates her warning. The group wonders what they can do, and for a price, the woman offers to sell them anti-ghost stickers which they stick all over the place. Later that night, the maiden's ghost appears again (after a strong wind blows all the stickers away) and levitates Brock and James away from the group and to her. Jesse tries to destroy her, but this only aggravates the ghost who calls for several skull like demons. Ash tries to use Dexter to find out if they are pokémon, but Dexter analyzes that the only pokémon detected is coming from the maiden. The maiden reveals herself as the old lady who then reveals herself as Gastly. In payback for his pranks, the gang tries to use their pokémon against Gastly, but he keeps changing into different forms that are the pokémon's weakness (a mouse trap for Pikachu and a mongoose for Arbok).

Finally, the sun is about to rise and Gastly has to leave for he hates the sun. As the festival ends, the group sets off little wooden boats with candles in them that are supposed to guide spirits back home. Resting on one, Gastly tells the real ghost of the maiden that he will continue to keep her legend alive (making a easy buck from selling bogus anti-ghost stickers, too) and look for her long lost love. And in the end, the group all celebrates the festival in kimonos and dance around in some sort of a Japanese tradition.