Episode #34 - The Kangaskhan Kid

Ash, Misty and Brock arriving at the famous Safari Zone of Fuchsia City! This amazing place is in-filled with lots of different, rare and exotic Pokémon! Ash wants to catch some, but they might still be in the reserve, they already got in trouble once for attempting to catch Pokemon in a reserve. A Chansey pops up from behind a bush! Ash is about to throw a Pokéball at it, as Chansey is a VERY rare Pokemon, but it turns out to be Officer Jenny who is holding a pole with a fake Chansey head propped on it! Without knowing this was unintentional, she arrests our heroes for Pokémon poaching, much to Ash and the others surprise!

Jenny takes them back and tells them she will let them off with a warning. Something starts beeping Ash and others look around. "More poachers" Jenny Cries! Ash says he wants to help for what they did, so they all get into Jenny's jeep.

Team Rocket is watching a herd of Kangaskhan, these kangaroo type Pokemon are very rare and valuable, you should no if you tried to catch one in the Game Boy Game. After their little show off, James fires a flare over them startling them and Making them duck for cover. Ash says they have to stop Team Rocket, but Jenny says they should run. Suddenly the wild Kangaskhan start stampeding right towards them, (Real Kangaroos don't do this, I am Australian, I know)! Jenny speeds back in reverse, and turns, so they go past. With a press of a Little red button, James activates the net, which captures all the Kangaskhan! They are going to catch all of them in Pokéballs! In addition, Jenny over-heated the engine; they cannot get there in time so hope to stop Team Rocket is Lost!

Someone watches from a tree as Jessie throws a Pokéball, but a boomerang hits it and also hits Jessie in the face. A young child swings down on a vine, and cuts the net with his boomerang; he starts talking like a Kangaskhan. A big Kangaskhan hits them, and they go flying. The boy jumps into its pouch, and they leave.

Jenny hears something; a helicopter comes in and flies overhead! The helicopter lands and a woman, and man come out. They say they have heard that their son, Tommy is in the Safari Zone. Jenny says they can explain at the station.

The woman shows them a picture of the weird kid that is sitting in the Kangaskhan's pouch. Jenny recognizes him as Tommo, and that his address in the Safari Zone listings. Ash and the others ask to help find him.

They see a injured baby Kangaskhan, and rush over to help it. Brock uses a Super Potion on it to heal it, but it stings, and it cries out. A boomerang flies towards him! Brock manages to dodge it but the Boomerang hits Ash. Tommo says Brock hurt the Kangaskhan, but Misty says Brock was trying to help it. Tommo asks if they are people or Pokémon.

The father says they have found Tommy. He and the mom ask him to come home, but he does not remember them. Misty tells him to try to remember. Tommy has an image in his mind of a herd of Kangaskhan, and him in one's pouch. Its singing to him, and its a very haunting sound.

The dad now hits Tommo over the head because he thought that his mother was a Kangaskhan. Tommo has a dream of him as a baby, being held by his real mom, not a Kangaskhan. He now wakes up, and recognizes her. The dad asks if he remembers him, and Misty hits him over the head with a log, saying one memory at a time! The mom says they should go home now. Misty says it is better if he lives with his real parents. Tommo gets confused, saying the Kangaskhan is his mom, but so is this lady! Jenny comes, saying the Kangaskhan are being poached again. Tommo jumps into the trees and runs off. The mom says they should give up, but the man say's he is still their boy.

Suddenly we see the infamous Team Rocket in a giant Kangaskhan robot! Jessie does an imitation of an injured one to get the others to come, the big Kangaskhan tries to stop the others from going, but they go anyway. James fires some tranquillizers this putts them all to sleep. The big Kangaskhan tries attacking unfortunately it is also hit.

Tommo throws his boomerang at the robot, but its does not do much. Team Rocket has the robot use Rocket Punch, but Jungle Boy Tommo dodges. Ash sends out Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Bulbasaur wraps it with Vine Whip, and Squirtle uses Skull Bash. Tommo jumps up and starts hitting it with his boomerang. James powers it up, and it breaks free, and throws him off. Ash sends Pikachu and Charmander, and has Pikachu use Thundershock, how surprising! Charmander uses Flamethrower. Tommo throws his boomerang, knocking the gas cap off. The fire hits the gas, setting the robot catches on fire!

Everyone gets into the jeep, and the robot is still chasing them! Then, a helicopter starts zooming for the robot. Its Tommy's parents, they crash into the robot, and just to be different Team Rocket get blasted off again.

The helicopter is wrecked, the Parents sacrificed their lives to save their son and Tommy starts crying! Singing comes from the wreckage. It is his parents! They say that since Tommy loves the Kangaskhan so much, they will stay with him here.