Episode #40 - Wake Up Snorlax

Ash and friends were very hungry, and walked into a town that had no food. The mayor said that the river has been blocked, and without water, nothing can grow. The mayor also gave them food. Ash and friends went to investigate.After cutting through tons of thorn, they saw that a sleeping Snorlax (a very usual case) was blocking all the water. They tried everything to wake it up, and even Team Rocket tried. But it was no use. In the end, an old man, also the Snorlax's owner, played a Poke Flute. Thus, Snorlax woke up. There were more thorns behind Snorlax, but it helped eat it all, for it is Snorlax's favorite food. Finally, the river was back to normal, and Snorlax was back asleep.