Episode #04 - Challenge of the Samurai

Ash is trying to capture a Weedle, while Misty wanders off into the forest. There she met a kid dressed like a Samuri, a Japanese warrior. Ash meets this kid who battles all trainers. He already battled all the trainers from Pallet, except for Ash. Ash's Pidgeotto loses to Samuri's Pinsir, and Metapod's hard shell defeated Pinsir. Then it was Metapod versus Metapod, and it lasted for quite a while. But soon, a swarm of Beedrill came, and grabbed Ash's Metapod while Ash is still looking up Beedrill in his pokedex. Ash and the rest escaped the Beedrill, but left Metapod. The next day, Ash found Metapod, and told it that he was sorry. A Beedrill came, and made a big hole in Metapod's shell. Out of the hole floated Butterfree, who used sleep powder to put all the Beedrills to sleep.