Episode #42 - The Problem With Paras

Ash and the gang arrives at Green Moss Village, where they need to get some Pokemon Potions. They meet Cassandra, a potion maker. But instead of buying potions from her, she challenges Ash into a battle to evolve her weak Paras into Parasect so she could use the mushrooms for a secret potion. Ash used all his Pokemon to battle, and used very weak attacks. But Paras always faints. Charmeleon didn't obey, and flamed poor Paras. Paras runs away, and meets Team Rocket. They are planning to evolve Paras by training it so that they could get some cash too. They trained it well, and soon, Paras evolves. Paras beat Charmeleon this time. At the end, Team Rocket wasn't allowed to get some money, and so they went on. They had another typical day of losing.