Episode #43 - The Song of Jigglypuff

Ash and gang arrives at Neon Town, a town where everybody is mean to each other and unhappy. They sleep late, have bad tempers, and even the Officer Jenny of the town is a little short-tempered! Then they meet a Jigglypuff who has lost its voice, but was restored with a little help from Brock. Jigglypuff sang its song, and Ash and friends fell asleep. Jigglypuff took Ash's marker, and drew on their face. Jigglypuff was mad, since anybody who listened to its song fell asleep. Jigglypuff then sang the song for the whole town, and everyone fell asleep. Jigglypuff drew on everyone's face too. When the woke up, they were nice and kind, and apologized to people that they have beat up before, including Ash.