Episode #44 - Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

Ash and gang arrives at Grandpa Canyon, where everyone are digging up Pokemon fossils, even Gary. Team Rocket planted a bomb. Team Rocket and Ash fell into a hole the bomb made, and rocks sealed the top. Some Pokemon which are supposed to be extinct appears in front of them. They were: Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanite, and Omastar. They had been awakened from their nap, and are mad. They chased them around, until Aerodactyl came out. It grabbed Ash in its jaws and flew right out of the hole. In the process of flying, Charmeleon was hit down, and is now mad. So it evolved into Charizard, and chased Aerodactyl. Jigglypuff's song made them all go to sleep, and Ash gets hold of a Pokemon egg at the end, which is Togepi's egg.