Episode #46 - Holy Matrimony

Ash and friends has found out that James lived in a rich family. The butler of the mansion took Ash and friends to the mansion since they said that they knew who the boy on the poster was. The butler told Ash and friends that James' parents were dead. James could take all the money, if he maries Jessebelle, a girl who has always got around James. James didn't want to do that, but Jessie and Meowth made him mary Jessebelle, who looked exactly like Jessie! The parents had woke up from their coffins, and Team Rocket now know that they have been triked. James' parents was alive the whole time, and triked James into marying Jessebelle. Jessebelle was very mean to James. But soon, James' former loyal pet, Growly, a Growlithe, came to rescue James, and did.