Episode #47 - So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

Our Heroes are resting on some rocks when Ash and Brock leave Misty to get some water from the pond. While they are away Misty spots a Farfetch'D and chases it through a forest. Misty bumps into a boy and he apoligizes for not watching where he was going and hands Misty her bag. Misty returns to the rocks where Ash and Brock are looking for her, she told them about the Farfetch'D and opens her bag. Her bag is full of rocks instead of her 5 Pokémon. The boy also tricks Team Rocket into boarding a boat with a hole in it so that the Farfetch'D could steal their Pokémon. Misty and the gang go to Officer Jenny and explain the situation and Misty brings them to the spot where he ran into the boy. Suddenly Psyduck appears out of the bushes and tries to lead them to the boy. Team Rocket appear in their baloon and retrieve a sack full of pokeballs from the boy as compensation for stealing their Pokémon. Team Rocket is mighty happy and run off with the satchel. Psyduck eventually find the boy and his Farfetch'D when Jenny decides that he should be taught a lesson in a Pokémon battle. Ash challenges him with his Bulbasaur and amazinly looses. Misty, who decides that she wants revenge challenges the boy too. She tries to call out Starmie when she remembers that it was stolen, so Psyduck runs out into the fray. Farfetch'D laughs at Psyduck and continues to whack Psyduck on the head. Psyduck's head ache grows stronger as it uses a psychic attack on Farfetch'D. Team Rocket opens all the pokeballs when they find out their all filled with Voltorb; isnt it ironic how the Voltorb always get them? The boy promises that with the Farfetch'D's new found power he will quit stealing, return all the Pokémon he has stolen and try to become a Pokémon trainer the right way.