Episode #48 - Who Gets to Keep Togepi?

Professor Oak contacted Ash to upgrade his pokedex, and now it could recognize the newly discovered Pokemon. Team Rocket pretended to be egg sellers, and asked Ash and friends if they wanted to by some Pokemon eggs. They also asked Brock to show them their egg. Brock did, and Team Rocket threw a whole bunch of Pokemon eggs in the air. The original egg fell, and Team Rocket ran away with it. At Team Rocket's wooden house, Meowth slept with the egg, ate with the egg, and bathed with the egg. Soon, Ash and friends took back the egg, and it hached. Out came Togepi, who saw Misty first. It thought Misty was its mother. In a battle between Meowth, Ash, Misty, and Brock (No Jessie and James, since Meowth didn't allow them to battle), the winner will get Togepi. Ash won, but Togepi still stayed with Misty, since she is the only person it liked. Meowth was sad about losing Togepi, and so is Ash and Brock.