Episode #49 - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

Bulbasaur's bulb was glowing after a Pokemon battle with a Rhyhorn. Ash took it to the Pokemon center, and Nurse Joy said that it was about to evolve. Every year at a certain time, Bulbasaur from all over the world gather in their special garden to evolve. No human has ever seen that garden. A bunch of soon-to-be-Ivysaur took Bulbasaur from its sleep, and to the garden. Ash followed them, and managed to get into the garden too. There was a huge Venusaur, and tons of Bulbasaur. Soon, they evolved into Ivysaur, all except for Ash's Bulbasaur. It refused to evolve, and soon Team Rocket sucked up all the Ivysaur. Bulbasaur saved the day with a solar beam, and they left the garden.