Episode #05 - Showdown in Pewter City

Ash arrives at Pewter City, and meets a man selling rocks. He goes to the gym, and left Misty behind. His Pikachu lost to Brock's Onix, and surrendered. Ash went away, and met the man he met when he just got into the city. The person was called Flint, and told Ash many things about Brock. Brock's dreams are to become the greatest breeder, but couldn't leave home because he had so many brothers and sisters to take care of, and his good for nothing father left home. Flint power uped Pikachu, and Ash went back to the gym. Pidgeotto lost to Geodude, and Pikachu toasted it. Onix was about to win, but the sprinklers went off. Onix was weak againgst water, so it lost. Soon, Flint admitted to being Brock's father. Brock gave instructions on taking care of the children, and now Brock came with Ash and Misty on their journey.