Episode #58 - Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

Ash and his friend’s race along the beach as fast as they can in order to catch the last boat leaving Cinnabar Island. They run along the beach, and then suddenly, they collide straight into a Wartortle! The Wartortle is frantic, and tries to ask them for help, but Ash and his friends can't understand what it's saying. Finally, Pikachu jumps up to Ash’s Pokeball belt, and pushes one of the Pokeballs, and then Squirtle comes out. Squirtle listens to the first part of Wartortle's tirade, and then the Pokemon whips out its sunglasses that the Pokemon wore when it was in the Squirtle Squad.

Squirtle follows the Wartortle into the ocean, and Ash and his friends follow on a boat with their water Pokemon pulling it. After a while, they find themselves on a large island, that looks like a turtle. Squirtle and Wartortle shells litter the beach, and perched atop a stone pedestal, is the shell of a giant Blastoise.

The Pokemon are all sleeping. Ash runs up to Blastoise, but as soon as he draws near, he too falls asleep. When Squirtle tries to help him, it falls asleep, as well. Pikachu panics, and it thundershocks everyone; waking them up. Ash says to Brock and Misty that there was this weird sound coming from the Blastoise.

All of the other Squirtle and Wartortle agree. The Squirtle and Wartortle recount what had happened to them, before Ash and his friends came to the island. Brock sits down in the middle of the beach, and he explains what happened. The Squirtle and Wartortle lived together on this island, with a Blastoise as their protector.

One day, Blastoise swam out to sea, and it didn't return. When the others found it, it was sleeping, and it hasn't woken up since. And, when the Pokemon tried to help it, they all fell asleep as well. Ash walks up to the giant Blastoise, and taps it on the shell. A head pops out, followed by four legs, and a tail!

Blastoise lets out a long yawn, and all of the Squirtle and Wartortle cheer. Two sections of the Blastoise's shell flip open, revealing large water guns. Something is stuck in the barrel of one of the guns, and try as it might, Blastoise cannot dislodge it.

Ash asks what’s wrong with the Blastoise, and then Squirtle jumps up onto the Blastoise, and then the Pokemon pokes the thing in the cannon. After a little bit of poking, it starts to sing. Ash tells them that it’s the sound that he heard earlier, and then Brock and Misty tell him that it’s Jigglypuff.

They all hear the song, and then everyone falls asleep. At the same time, Team Rocket is watching, from the safety of the Mecha Gyarados. They see Blastoise as a perfect target, and they decide to catch it. They attach Meowth to a piece of rope, and they send Meowth onto the beach.

Unfortunately, when Meowth gets too close to the Blastoise, it falls asleep. Finally, Jessie pushes a button, and they send out a giant plunger to catch the Blastoise. The plunger sticks onto Blastoise’s shell, and then Team Rocket pulls it in.

Team Rocket cruises off into the sunset, celebrating their victory. They all discuss the Blastoise...and then an awkward subject comes up. Who gets to keep Blastoise? The fight results in Jessie kicking Meowth into the wall, and the submarine begins to take in water. Singing is heard throughout the ship, and everybody falls asleep.

Back on the island, everyone begins to wake up. The turtles notice that Blastoise missing; and led by Ash's Squirtle, they dive into the ocean, to rescue it. They return with the Mecha Gyarados, and while the turtles return Blastoise to its rightful place atop the pedestal, Ash and his friends gives the Team Rocket CPR.

Team Rocket repays them by attacking them. As Team Rocket terrorizes the Squirtle and Wartortle with their Mecha Gyarados, Ash tries his best to wake Blastoise. When he has tried anything and they have all failed, he has both Squirtle and Pikachu attack it.

Pressure builds up inside Blastoise's water cannons, and then Jigglypuff pops out and flies into the Mecha Gyarados open mouth. Free of Jigglypuff, Blastoise wakes up, and it attacks Team Rocket with a few Mega Punches, and with some help from the other Squirtle and Wartortle. The Mecha Gyarados soars through the air, with Team Rocket and Jigglypuff trapped inside.

Faced with this situation, Jigglypuff does the only thing that it can think of: SING! Ash’s Squirtle dives into the ocean to rescue Jigglypuff, and it comes back to the beach, with spirals in its eyes. Jigglypuff wakes up, and then it begins to sing...