Episode #59 - The Misty Mermaid

Ash and his friends are on their way to Viridian City, so that Ash can battle for his final badge, the Earth Badge. They stop by a small fountain, and Misty releases Horsea, allowing it to take a quick swim. Horsea is despondent... Ash believes that it misses the ocean. Misty decides to take it to her sisters' gym, because they have a large swimming pool there. In the grass in front of the gym, Ash and his friends notice a large sign, advertising an "Underwater Ballet" that is to be performed at the Cerulean City Gym. It says that a famous star will be making her reappearance at the Gym.

Brock and Ash both take a closer look at the poster, and they both comment that if the picture were a little different, then the person would look exactly like Misty! Inside, Misty takes her Horsea into the pool, and she tells it to go for a long swim.

Later, Misty asks her sisters about the Underwater Ballet, and they explain to the group that they are trying to draw people into the gym. Unfortunately, they have no lead for their show, and the shows opening night is the very next day. The good news is, that Misty has come back for a visit. Her sisters trick Misty into playing the lead part for the Underwater Ballet.

She is a mermaid in the play, and the girls' pet Seel is to swim with her. In the ballet, Rose and Lily are going to play pirates and they attack her. Daisy will be playing the part of the prince who saves her. They announce the show, and then a huge tank comes up out of something in the floor. Itís huge, and you can see right through it.

There is a diving board up the top, and Misty uses it to dive in. Thus, the Underwater Ballet begins. Misty and Seel frolic amongst a school of Goldeen, entertaining the crowd. She swims around gracefully, and then Misty heads through this cave to get a desperate breath of fresh air. She goes back through the cave, and she dances with all of the other Pokemon. Soon, itís time to sleep.

Misty goes into this huge pink clam and she lies down in it. Suddenly, it closes on her. Misty looks around, and then she takes out a small breathing tank and uses it. Her sisters stand in the wings, preparing for their scene. Suddenly, Team Rocket, who leaps into the pool, instead of Rose and Lily, ambushes them.

Jessie and James, dressed as ballerinas, attempt to steal all of the Goldeen, while Misty tries to stop them. From the crowd, Ash and Brock realize that they arenít actors, theyíre Team Rocket!

Meanwhile, Daisy stands up from her seat in the main desk, and she prepares for her scene. She puts her crown on and she grabs her sword as she heads for the doorway. Ash and Brock come running up to her, and they tell her that she canít go in because the people in the pool arenít really actors at all-theyíre Team Rocket!

Ash and Brock jump into the water, Ash sending out Squirtle in the process. One of Mistyís sisters chucks out Psyduck, but low and behold! Apart from itís incapability to do anything right, its pathetic looking facial expression, another talent that this strange Pokemon can add to its list of talents is: that it canít even swim!

Seel swims in front of its friends, blocking Arbok. The snake Pokemon tries to attack it, but Seel is too fast, and Arbok is unable to hit it. Seel fires its Aurora Beam at Arbok, and then it begins to glow, and the water Pokemon evolves into a Dewgong.

Dewgong uses its Ice Beam attack on Team Rocket, and they get frozen. Ash and Brock drag the trapped Pokemon onto the rock in the middle of the water, and Ash tells Pikachu to do a thunder-shock on the water.

Electricity sparks all around the pool, and Team Rocket gets shocked. The ice around them breaks, and then they get blasted up into the sky. As they start to fall, Dewgong gives them another slap with its tail, and this sends Team Rocket flying out of the Gym and into oblivion. The audience begins to cheer, thinking that the battle was a choreographed part of the show.

They all wave to the cheering crowd to end the show. Misty's sisters are very happy, because they've made a good deal of money off the performance. They ask Misty if she'd like to take Dewgong with her, and they offer to take care of some of her Pokemon.

Misty leaves them her Horsea and Starmie. They try to take Togepi, but Misty grabs it off them, and they also try to take Pikachu, which Ash objects to. Misty finally offers them Psyduck, and Rose, Lily, and Daisy all reply with a big "WEíRE NOT THAT DESPERATE!" yell.