Episode #06 - Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Brock has joined Ash and Misty, as they continue on their path to Pokemon Greatness. First, they must find a short cut to Cerulean City, through the caves of Mt. Moon. Upon reaching Mt. Moon, our heroes witness a young researcher being attacked by a large number of Zubats. With Pikachuís electric shock, they rescue the researcher at the mouth of the caves. Full of gratitude for their assistance, the researcher, Seymor, offers to guide them through the caves. Along the way they witness many injured Pokemon. The poor condition of these Pokemon has been brought about by explorers searching for a Moon Stone reported to exist somewhere within the caves of Mt. Moon. These precious stones posses the capability of 'powering upí Pokemon. As more and more people come in search of these stones, the natural habitats of the Pokemon have become worse and worse leaving the Pokemon to fight for their daily survival. With the help of a group of the Pokemon Clefairy, our heroes defeat Team Rocket and witness the legendary Moon Stone work its magic on these enchanting Pokemon.