Episode #60 - Clefairy Tales

The episode starts with Jigglypuff walking down a road surrounded by trees. She is singing her song making a caterpie and a pidgeotto fall on the ground behind her asleep. She markers up her face and then in the sky she sees a U.F.O. sort of thing and it crashes into the trees ahead. Jigglypuff goes to investigate and the door to the U.F.O. slowly opens revealing Clefary.

It then shows Ash piging out on icecream with one vinilla cone and one with the bottom scope chocolate and the top starwberry. Brock and Misty are having a vinilla cone too when all of the sudden a clefairy comes out to them, they are all suprised and Misty runs after it to catch it, so Brock and Ash follow. Meanwhile something steals their backpacks and icecream from the table. The gang comes back and all notice their stuff gone. Ash cries I never got to taste the chocolate! They decide to report it to Officer Jenny and there is a huge mob surrounding her. All of them are reporting items stolen. One of them is a professor and he believes aliens are doing it. Who would steal buttons of coats and baby's bottles? he shows them a picture of a U.F.O. spoted 3 days ago and a man in the crowd says he saw it too. The Professor gets really worked up and demands he tell him all he knows. The man (being shaken to death) manages to say he say it just outside the forest. The professor has a so called alien detector and The gang follows him to help instead of waiting doing nothing. The detector goes off and a spaceship comes down infront of them, two aliens walk out silently and take pikachu from Ash and walk back into the ship. Ash yells he wants his pikachu back. It shows inside the ship the aliens taking off their suit to reveal Team Rocket. Jesse and James are holding pikachu when the professor below sees that the ship is a fake being pulled up by a rope.The gang cuts the rope and the ship falls down and Ash gets pikachu back. They keep walking when the detector goes off again and they see a Clefairy. Jigglypuff comes and the two pokemon lock their stares and Jigglypuff doubleslaps clefairy a lot. Clefairy beforwe leaving runs up and grabs pikachu Clefairy then runs away and Ash, Misty, and Brock follow. They are lead to a dead end and wonder where clefairy went. They notice a sewer lid and go down down down. When they reach the bottom the gang notices a huge space craft the clefairy have made with the stolen items from the people. Brock says he'll go back and tell Officer Jenny about it and leaves. Team Rocket are hiding behind a rock and Jesse asks James 'are you thinking what I'm thinking?' And James asks 'Well what are you thinking?' Jesse replies. 'We could bring the boss a spaceship full of clefairy and pikachu.' :Amazing,' James says, 'Were you reading my mind or was I reading yours?', 'Good question,' Jesse replies then they go in to the craft. Inside the craft Ash finds pikachu, but he is unconcious. Then clefary surround it and jigglypuff goes into battle with them. They both use doubleslap a lot and all the clefairy leave. Jigglypuff then goes to the control room with the professor and see another clefairy. The ship will be blasting off soon and the clefairy is at the control panel. The professor walks up muttering ingenius and breakes someting. 'Ooops he says and tries to fix it.' Clefairy and Jigglypuff meanwhile are again locking stares and both use doubleslap alot. Jigglypuff then sings and in the other room Misty says to Ash, 'What's that?' Ash replies, 'Jigglypuff singing a song I always get tired of' and they slump down to the floor asleep.' Just then the ship takes of. Up above the ground Brock is with Officer Jenny saying 'Do you want me to believe that clefariy are the thieves stealing people's items to make a spaceship. The ground rises and the spaceship flys out dropping all the stolen items on the ground. Way above ground everybody in the craft wakes up and the end part of the space ship containing Team Rocket falls back to earth. Misty and Ash open the door to get out and Ash looks down to see all the buildings below. when a high one came up They used bulbasaur to swing over to it. The ship then crashes later on in a forest near a fishing area and the fisherman surround it and then the professor walks out in a cardboard box thinking he is on the Clefariy's planet and asks are you from the place the clefairy live? Or something like that and the episode ends making us wonder if Ash will ever get the last badge he needs.